Weigh In Wednesday March 18

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hey everyone! I'm still working on Part III of my Whole30 Story and my favorite recipe post. Stay with me, board prep has begun so my free time is pretty limited!

Last week was my spring break which included a trip to Louisville for a friend's Bachelorette Party, a few days at home, and then a trip home to Cincinnati to visit family. Before I knew it, my break was over and classes were starting back up again. 

Delicious, homemade Hungarian Schnitzel from Cincinnati. Sometimes it's nice to eat just plain GOOD food. (For the record, I took half home and then forgot to eat the rest haha)

This week marks the beginning of our Integration course and board exam studying. For the next few weeks I will be slowly ramping up my studying for my board exams in June - I can do a post on my plan if anyone is interested :) Anyway, I'm going to need to be a lot more judicious with my time - prioritizing, lots of to-do lists, and cutting out the time sucks. Just trying to be as efficient as possible! 

Day 1: Board Prep

Weigh-in. I'm sitting right where I was when I finished the Whole30. During finals week I made my way back up to 192-193 for a few days, probably water weight from the extra carbs and salt. I worked my way back down by tightening things back up but I certainly not following Whole30 strictly anymore. I'm working to find a good balance that allows me to not "worry" too much but still ensure that I'm getting the best nutrition possible. 

Height: 5'8"
SW: 236.2
Last Week: -
This week: 189.6
Change: -
Total Loss: -46.6

Asparagus, brussel spouts w/ a little bacon, bleu cheese, and basalmic vinegar, roasted chicken breast.

So that's it for today. Class, studying, Crossfit, maybe a run if I have time, dinner, more studying, bed. Stay tuned for my next Whole30 installment, an update on my training, and my board prep plan!


  1. I love the blog and would love to hear your study plan!

  2. That chicken meal looks yummy!!! It's early and I'm already hungry:) Good luck studying!!