Weigh In Wednesday - Feb. 4

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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Hello friends! I'm not supposed to weigh in during Whole30 so there won't be another weigh in for a few weeks! I do "feel" lighter though - probably because my bloating has gone down (period probs). 

I'm currently going strong on Day 4 - things are still going well! According to this Whole30 timeline, I should be wanting to "kill all the things" but that doesn't seem to be the case at this point. On the whole, I feel pretty good. My energy is pretty normal, midafternoon seems to be when I get most tired but that's always been the case.

As far as food goes, I've found all my meals to be really satisfying and the only time I get hungry is usually when I'm bored or studying - again, this is nothing out of the ordinary. I don't feel deprived but I am starting to become more aware of what I "can't" have. Yesterday they were giving free pizza away that was leftover from a talk - obviously that's off limits. I saw many of my friends munching down on it but I didn't really want it - my lunch was good and it was easy to resist.

Really the only big change with the Whole30 has been preparation. I am FORCED to prep my meals and snacks - no taking shortcuts in the morning like grabbing a breakfast sandwich on the run or stopping by Panera after class. I see that as a very positive thing! I'm saving money and I'm eliminating some poor decisions. I don't feel like I'm spending an excess amount of time meal prepping - making eggs and heating up some veggies in the morning takes just as much time as stopping through a drive-thru, and its more filling!  

So what does a typical day look like? I try to stick to the recommended three meals plus a post-workout snack.  I have been loosely tracking my calories on MFP just to make sure I'm staying within a decent calorie goal (1700-2100, on average). If I'm truly hungry, I eat but I haven't had to resort to snacking yet. My meals are very filling - probably all the fiber and healthy fats!

Breakfast - sauteed spinach & three pepper blend + onions with an overmedium egg, not pictured: strawberries and blueberries.

Lunch - spaghetti squash with Chocolate Chili  + carrots with cashew butter

Dinner - Spaghetti Squash + Chocolate Chili, Mixed greens with tomatoes + sunflower seeds, & homemade spicy ranch + Cran-raspberry La Croux

Post-workout: 1/2 Carrot cake Larabar + 1 TBSP cashew butter

My goal is to layer on the veggies! The more, the better! And the chocolate chili is AMAZING - check out the link and go make some (it tastes like Skyline!).

I think the real test is going to come this weekend when I'm studying for my exam on Monday. Studying usually leads to stress eating and snacking - I really want to nip that in the bud. I'm going to try to do most of my studying standing at my white board. I also plan to take lots of walking breaks, and get my exercise in. I have a 7 mile long run scheduled for Saturday so let's hope for good weather! 

I started "real" Crossfit classes this week. Luckily we are doing "testing" for a new WOD program so it has been manageable. I have unlimited access to the gym this week so I'm trying to go 5 days this week to make sure I do all the testing workouts. It's going well and I love that I can scale the workout to my needs. One thing Crossfit has taught me that I am very strong in my lower body and pretty weak in my upper body/core - the contrast is amazing! I can do leg exercises all day but throw push ups and burpees at me and I die. I can't wait to see how my strength increases as the weeks go on!

Shoutout to the members of my Whole30 group for being amazing and very inspirational! I love sharing meals/recipes/support with each of you! 

February is the worst month for the winter blues. How are you combating them?

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