WIW January 7

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hi friends and welcome to the first Weigh In Wednesday of 2015!  Guess what I forgot to do before I left the house? Yeah. Weigh in. 

I'm still very sore from Crossfit on Monday - some major delayed onset muscle soreness "DOMS" mostly in my arms. And that, my friends, is why you should've abandon exercise for weeks and then try to go HAM on it right away. Whew. I'm a little nervous to go back to Elements tonight - hopefully it's a leg based workout and not more arms! 

Yesterday I took the day off from working out. I just stretched and foam rolled - my bootay is getting used to sitting all day listening to lectures/studying again so I had some nice booty and leg knots to roll out, too. And of course I dance around my apartment look a goof while doing dishes, laundry, etc.

I've been cleaning up my diet after a VERY indulgent Christmas Break.  I'm trying to be a little bit tougher on myself than usually so I can kick some of the cravings I've been having for all the crunchy, cheesy, gooey things I let myself have...like this:

A delicious place for brunch in Cincinnati - fried chicken, spoon bread, mac & cheese, and grilled cheese. ALL THE CHEESE.

Family guac when a friend came to visit - not pictured: fish tacos and margaritas.

Just trying to focus on MORE veggies, moderate fruit, more protein, few grains/dairy/sugar. LOTS of water! The goal is to make the above indulgences a little fewer and far between - not all at once! Balance is the goal. Will I give up dairy forever? No. But do I need cheese on my eggs, on my stuffed peppers, milk in my coffee, etc. every day? No. Our meals as starting to look more balanced again and my husband and I both feel BETTER making healthier choices.  Some of my favorites so far:

Chicken, lots of green beans, smashed potatoes

Make ahead egg cassarole with turkey, peppers, onions, and sweet potato plus tons of water!

Study snacks: avocado hummus & baby carrots

Chicken meatballs with spaghetti squash and half an avocado.

So basically, things are getting back on track slowly but surely. It helps SO much that N is on board with the "plan" - I think I may have convinced him to try Crossfit this weekend, too! We know what we need to do, now we just gotta stick to it!

In about two weeks, I'll officially start my half marathon training so before then I just want to get back into running shape. Hopefully all this Crossfit will help. I'm really dreading running outside in the cold but....it might have to happen. GAH.

How is your 2015 going? 


  1. I love the "before" and "after" pics of what you are eating. To be honest (from someone who loves their junk) you after food looks so much more appealing. Way to get back on track!

  2. Way to get back on track! I am still struggling to get out my holiday mentality.

  3. 2015 is starting out with a bang with me reaching goal. Great job getting back on track and a regular schedule (or as regular as med school allows)!

  4. You got this in 2015! That guacamole looks so good BTW!

  5. Thanks, Aimee! I can assure you that the guac was UH-mazing! Very fresh and mashed right at the table!

  6. Thanks, Winter! I didn't used to like avocado (or hummus) but I've really started to love both! Tastes change over time so you never know!

  7. Congrats on reaching your goal! That's so great! Keep up the hard work :)

  8. It's really hard, Felicia, but you can do it! Take it one step at a time if you have to. Just keep making little changes and before you know it, you'll be back on track!

  9. Thanks, Anna. As a true lover of food, I really don't like to be miserable so my "cleaned up" food still tastes great - just devoid of all the extraneous stuff. I'll still indulge in the "before" stuff, just not in the same quantity as over break!