Weigh In Wednesday - January 21

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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Hello friends! Let's just jump right into things, shall we? I'm sticking firmly in the 198 range this week, just a small loss. We did go home this past weekend to Cincinnati and there may or may not have been a party bus involved for our friend's birthday. Whoops. So cheers to maintaining!

Height: 5'8"
SW: 236.2
Last Week: 198.4
This week: 198.0
Change: -0.4
Total Loss: -38.2

Unlike in the past, we did a pretty good job of getting back on track the rest of the weekend which I'm sure helped in this week being a small loss instead of a gain. The good news is that we really don't have much going on until April (aside from my BIRTHDAY next week) so I'll be able to focus solely on my goals/training for the next few months. Whew.

We arrived in Cincy on Saturday morning and immediately went to the park to get my long run in before I made any excuses. How could I though? It was 50 degrees and sunny, maybe a little windy, but still perfect for a good run!

For Christmas, Nick gave me a Garmin Forerunner watch - LOVE! I don't have to run my Nike plus app (which is always inaccurate) so I just enter the data after the fact. I should have read the instructions though because I didn't hit "play" on my watch until about a mile into my run. Gotta say though, I love it! 

Yay for a nice 5K time! I would love to get that under 30 minutes one of these days!

So far, so good on my running training. I have a big 6 miler coming up on Sunday - no big deal, right? I think I'm going to run on the Monon Trail, I need to switch it up! And then I'll have to lock myself away to study for my upcoming Derm exam on Monday. I feel so behind! 

Crossfit has been going well! We finally started learning barbell techniques which is what I've been waiting anxiously to learn! On Monday we started with strict press, push press, and push jerks, then we did a killer WOD - there was sprinting involved and you all know I'm not a fast runner. 

I think this is unrelated to training by my mid-back (right at the thoracolumbar junction for all you medical people, maybe L1-L2 at the lowest) has been bothering me lately. It doesn't feel muscular in nature because it isn't crampy or achy and it doesn't radiate. I literally feel like one or two of my vertebrae are poking out where they shouldn't be. No sharp pains or jolts, just bothersome. I'm hoping to figure out what it is soon! It started during my first week of school, maybe from poor posture while sitting. Made worse by significant extension and flexion, basically anytime I drastically change the curve of my spine. Anyway, I'm gonna keep an eye on it.

I think that's all for now. Just sticking to my schedule and hoping for the best! I slowly feel like I'm finding my school groove. I'm ready to be done with Derm! We have Psych next which I'm intensely excited about! 

How is January shaping up for you?

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