Weigh In Wednesday: Dec 10

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Quickly updating -- the next two weeks are filled with finals and stress and exhaustion so I don't expect much other than to maintain my sanity and maintain my weight. If I can just stay right where I am amidst all the hullabaloo, I'll be happy. 

Generally, I'm not someone that is easily frazzled or excitable but I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. My OMM final on Friday is 30% of my total grade - actually it's 2/3 of my written grade for the course (and only 70 questions, I might add). On top of that, it's cumulative over EVERYTHING so I'm really focusing on aceing this thing! (For those of you who are familiar with OMM or are DO students, you're probably wondering why I'm worried about it. Our written exams are tough. Like way more tough than COMLEX practice questions.) 

I definitely cannot afford to perform poorly due to the magnitude of the exam. Make or break it. On top of that, I'm trying to stay caught up in my Repro course since I have my final exam for that class next Friday. I hate getting behind! 

At least I'm not the only one studying!

Weighing In
Height: 5'8"
SW: 236.2
Last Week: 196.4
This week: 197.4
Change: +1.0
Total Loss: -39.0

A small gain this week. Like I said, I'm just trying to hover right where I am until we get through finals. I really need to start tracking more consistently so that's my goal for the rest of the week - just for the awareness. I get confused if I should focus on Myfitnesspal or WW points - it's too time consuming to track both in the apps! I like to pay attention to my macros but points is so much easier! Any suggestions?  May I could track WW on paper and do MFP on my phone? 

 I'll be squeezing in at-home workouts for most of the week - I have recently fallen in love with Les Mills Combat & I'll pepped in some Turbo Fire to keep it interesting :) I created a hybrid schedule using this tool, it's great if you have a few different Beachbody programs. Only a few weeks until half marathon training starts up again!

My med school nest - where I eat, study, and apparently drink from four different glasses.

What is your approach to health/weight loss during stressful times?


  1. Good luck on your finals!!! I don't have a good plan for stressful times. I am eager to hear what others have say - I could use some new ideas :)

  2. finals and holiday season!?! bless you because if you can survive this, you can do anything!

  3. Eeeeeee, sounds like a stressful time! I feel you on the seasonal stress. I'm not in school but it almost feels like it with so many projects that need to get wrapped up in the next few weeks! And I LOVE that necklace you're wearing in the photo above-- where from?!

    Between the two, I'd say track on WW. At least for me personally, I have a tendency to try to "game" MFP if WW isn't letting me eat as much as I want to. I've always had much better luck when I track on WW versus MFP, but I know everyone's experience is different. Good luck to you this week!!

  4. Good luck with the hovering! And you finals! It will all be worth it in the end.