Thanksgiving, the 1st Annual Turkey Day 5K, & a Giveaway!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Hi friends! I have a lot of exciting things going on today so make sure you scroll through the whole post!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and family! Mine was a little different this year - my mom & my aunt were out of the country so I stayed in Cincinnati for the week to help out with my grandpa. I'm sure I've talked about him before - he has Multiple Sclerosis and is wheelchair bound. Despite all that, he is probably one of the most easy-going, positive people you'll ever meet. He never complains, he gets up every morning and does that very BEST he can. What a perfect reminder of what it means to be thankful and gracious. Anyway, someone needs to stay with him at night, help get him up in the morning, and do things around the house so I was happy to spend some extra time with him! We love watching Jeopardy together -- I try to impress him with my useless knowledge so he knows my college education (that he helped subsidize) did not go to waste! 

So in addition to staying with my grandpa, I also had Thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws and the whole family. There were so many good things to eat! My approach to Turkey Day was simple -- controlled enjoyment. I did not eat myself into oblivion but instead I allowed myself to have what I wanted in moderate portions. Green beans and brussell sprouts? Yes. Mashed potatoes. UHHHH do you know me? Turkey and MY homemade stuffing balls? Duh. BUT, I didn't feel gross or super full or like I have overeaten. Earlier in the day, I kept things light. I had my typical breakfast of eggs with onions and peppers (and cheese...its Thanksgiving!) which kept me full and happy. Overall, it was successful and I'm proud of myself for exercising moderation. 

Virtual Turkey Day 5K
If you remember correctly, I was signed up for a Thanksgiving Day 10K. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it downtown in time for the race because I was caring for my grandpa BUT I still got some miles in! To add insult to injury, I left my bib hanging on my fridge in Indy --  I'm pretty bummed I didn't plan ahead and messed it up. Oh well, I did my own turkey trot!  

Speaking of turkeys...this turkey took a nice tumble in the middle of her run. I tripped over some uneven sidewalk and went flying head first. Luckily I rolled midway through and veered left, scrapping up the left side of my body.  I'm such a little baby -- I cried and hobbled down the street and then I decided to finish up the darn run. Just 2 more miles and I would be fine! 

So now I want to hear about YOUR Turkey Day 5Ks.  If you participated in our challenge (with Ash from A Step in the Right Direction & Erin from She's a Big Star ) then don't forget to enter via the Rafflecopter below! In addition to documenting your run and tagging us on Instagram, you can get additional entries so go check it out!

Here are a list of the prizes...
One of the prizes is from Jasmine from Fleurty Bands. Go check out her shop and order some her her amazing headbands. Her business has exploded in the last year and she is amazing. She makes her products herself as well as being a mom, a school nurse, and girl trying to lose weight.

Another one of the prizes will be from Motivational Bottles! We all drink water and who doesn't want a fun bottle to house their water in.

The final prize is a package from the three of us! We have put together a nice little package for the winner.

Good Luck - Winner will be announced on Friday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Finally! Erin is hosting a holiday giveaway with a BUNCH of AWESOME bloggers. 

Here's a list of prizes that one lucky reader will win...

$10 Chipotle e-Gift Card from Erin @ She's a Big Star
$10 Target Card from Courtney @ From Here to Eternity
$10 Target eGiftCard from Ashlee @ Ash's Right Direction
$10 Target eGiftCard from Tia @ Hands On, Pants Off
BUXOM Mascara from Sephora from Laurie @ Stylin' Savanna
Stress, Energy & Sleep (travel-size) Lotions from B&BW from Erin @ Living a Love Song
$10 Starbucks Card from Jess @ Keeping up with The Casey's
$10 Starbucks Card from Janessa @ Running On Empty
$10 Starbucks Card from Heather @ Pretty Strong Medicine
Nail polish & Lip Gloss from Faith @ Finding Faith's Future
Earrings from Retrospection from Chastity @ A Cowboy Life
$10 Amazon Card from Steph @ Life According to Steph
$10 Starbucks Card from Stacy @ Dixie Bell Designs
$10 Brady Bands Gift Certificate from Sonya @ Healthy Sew
2 Fleurty Bands from Jasmine @ Fleurty & Fit
Leopard Print Scarf & Tech Gloves from Angela @ Mean Ang

The giveaway starts today and will run for one week. Then next week, we can't wait to fill up someone's mailbox with all of these goodies. Happy Holidays to YOU and good luck!


  1. I ran a 5k race on Thanksgiving morning... and ended up running 4.2 miles instead due to getting lost. Ooops- the story is on my blog today!

  2. Congrats on the Turkey Trot! I am ashamed to say that there was no physical activity for me this past weekend; I am currently recovering from a major concussion sustained over the Canadian Thanksgiving (Oct 12, or 8 wks ago) and am still on orders by the neurologist to be on complete physical and mental rest (I have only just been allowed to start 10 minute intervals of screen/tech time, any longer and my brain becomes over stimulated and I feel terribly ill). I was also diagnosed with an inner ear concussion as a result of the fall, which is one more reason why exercise is a no go right balance and coordination is TERRIBLE. It has been an incredibly humbling experience; not being able to work, drive, meet my dog's physical activity needs, and properly take care of myself has made me realize how serious and life-altering a head injury can be. In addition to being followed closely by a neuro team in the concussion clinic at a major trauma hospital, I have also been to 3 other neuro sub-specialties for specific deficits caused by the fall, and ENT and a physio for vestibular rehab (which is the worst thing ever btw!). Prior to my injury I was running up to 10k/day and an avid yogi so not being able to exercise at all has definitely taken an emotional, psychological and physical toll on me....I miss those blasts of endorphins and can appreciate how exercise really benefits me as a stress reliever. I have been advised that I will probably experience ongoing symptoms from the concussion for about a year but I absolutely cannot wait until I get the all clear to start exercising's hoping it comes as soon as possible (:

  3. I had the same approach going into Thanksgiving, and I'm also proud that I didn't leave feeling like I could roll myself home ;) Sorry to hear about your fall! I've taken a couple in my day too :(