Weigh In Wednesday: October 29

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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Decided to work from the home office this morning and I still forgot to post at a decent time. Worst blogger EVER. 

Everything is just ok around here. Yesterday I had my last OSCE (I still don't know what it stands for...) of the semester for my GI course. YAY!!! I think I've talked about OSCEs before but it's basically a 30 minutes clinical encounter with a standardized patient - meaning someone is paid to be a patient actor so we can practice our history and physical exam skills. I think it went pretty well - seems like I got the diagnosis right and managed the patient appropriately :) 

My last OSCE for EENT was probably my worst performance so far - I was stupidly nervous for some reason. This time I really tried to stay calm and not getting amped up before I went in the room. You'd think after working as a CNA (interacting with people in the most vulernable and awkward situations) that I wouldn't get nervous...I think there is a lot of pressure to make sure I get all my points for the encounter. It's so easy to forget to ask an important part of the history or physical exam, especially now that I'm really working to make sure what I'm doing is clinically relevant and useful! 

After our encounter, we write a SOAP note detailing the encounter. 
S = subjective, so everything the patient tells you - history of present illness, review of systems, family history, medications, etc.
O = objective, all the observable or measurable parts of the patient including vitals and physical exam & structural exam findings from OMT.
A = assessment, What's the diagnosis? We also include differential diagnosis, ongoing chronic disease, somatic dysfunction, etc.
P = plan, What are you going to do for this patient? Treatment, orders for labs/imaging, patient education, follow-up or referrals, OMT treatment. 

The most frustrating part of writing a SOAP note is forgetting to document something you KNOW you did or said! Grrrr I get so mad at myself - if you don't document it, it didn't happen!

So anyway, now that my OSCE is over I'm refocusing my energy on my current system - Endocrine. We have our first exam on Monday so I will be playing catchup today & studying my heart out. 

Since it's an exam weekend, I know it will be hard to stick to my nutrition and exercise plan but I just have to! I know it will make me feel better and keep my brain fresh :)

Now for the weigh in....technically I gained a pound but really my weight shot up a couple pounds over the weekend due to water weight and that infamous time of the month - and the subsequent cravings associated with it.  

Even though I haven't been losing weight steadily, I've gotten a few comments recently that have been encouraging. People are starting to notice changes which helps me keep going! When your weight loss isn't dramatic, its really hard to notice a difference but my clothes tell me its getting there!

Weighing In
Height: 5'8"
SW: 236.2
Last Week: 197.8
This week: 199.2
Change: +1.4
Total Loss: -37

This week I wrote out all my workouts from Becoming Extraordinary by Ashley Horner so I have them ready to go!

Weeks 3-7 call for muscle splits so my schedule will be:
Monday: Chest & tris
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: active rest day (walk, run, yoga, something)
Thursday: Shoulders & bis
Friday: Legs
Saturday: active rest day
Sunday: full body Crossfit style workout

Each of my workouts call for a 2 mile warm up but sometimes I switch it up -- like last night I did the Stairmaster because I plan to run on my active rest day today! My 10K is coming up at the end of Thanksgiving so I hope I'll be ready. Even though I've run more than 6 miles many times,  I'm a little scared to run 6 because it's been so long! 

As a side note...anyone purchase the new T.Swift CD? I highly recommend :) -- I'm 24 years old and I still love T. Swift. Not afraid to admit it!

That's all for now! I'm really going to put my best effort into the rest of the week and hope for the best. 40 lb loss, I'm coming for you!

What's your favorite music to jam out to when you are working out? (or dancing around your house?) 


  1. I can't wait to get under 200lbs, great job! That time of the month always ruins things!!

  2. That is not even a considerable gain--you are so right! Great attitude! Good luck with your exams!

  3. People get paid to fake being sick??? I need that job! And I'm 38 and love T Swift:)

  4. Guessing this is what you did (from Wikipedia) - An Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) is a modern[1] type of examination often used in health sciences (e.g. Midwifery, orthoptics, optometry, medicine, radiography, nursing,[2] pharmacy, dentistry, chiropractic medicine, paramedicine, podiatry, veterinary medicine). It is designed to test clinical skill performance and competence in skills such as communication, clinical examination, medical procedures / prescription, exercise prescription, joint mobilisation / manipulation techniques, radiographic positioning, radiographic image evaluation and interpretation of results.

  5. Hezzie, Hezzie, Hezzie. I am proud of your accomplishments. Don't be so hard on yourself! JBUX