Weigh In Wednesday September 24

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Hello everybody! Welcome to Weigh-In Wednesday!
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Sorry I've been MIA this past week - had an OSCE yesterday, an exam tomorrow, exam Friday, and a practical and exam next week. Things are a little crazy but I will do my best to update this weekend! Just need to get my priorities straight.

Weighing In
Height: 5'8"
SW: 236.2
Last Week: 198.4
This week: 198.4
Change: 0.0
Total Loss: -37.8

No change this week.  I think it's funny when I weigh in the EXACT SAME, like there isn't a deviation of even 0.1?  Hoping to maintain or lose during this string of exams!  Exam time is usually when I start seeing a lot of IG and Snapchats of pizza and other treats from my friends so I will be resisting temptation and plugging away at a bag of carrots to keep myself busy.

Workouts have been pretty good. I think I've missed 3 total workouts in September out of 24 days - some days I just need a rest day (but really I should still go for a walk or run, just not lift or go hard).  Here's a great one I did the other day - feel free to add rounds or modify for more of a challenge!

That's my quick update - hope to be back later this week

Are you enjoying the first days of Fall? It's my very favorite time of year...and not because of pumpkin spice! (I'm an apple kind of girl).

Playing doctor!


  1. I'm an apple kind of girl too! Pumpkin is great and all, but apples are fall to me.

  2. I'm not a Pumpkin kinda gal either! Thanks for hosting your link up :) your blog is super cute!!!

  3. Your hair is perfect. Little bit jelly. ;) You look GORGEOUS Heather. Good luck with your exams!

  4. You look gorgeous in your doctor get up! Seriously, your hair is perf! Way to keep your weight the exact same during a stressful time, that is very hard to do!!

  5. You make such a cute doctor! Wait, should I not say cute. Because I bet doctors don't want to be called cute... You make such a beautiful doctor!

  6. you are so stinken adorable!!! Love the doctor pic!