September Goals

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hello there! Remember me?  I want to get in the habit of "announcing" my personal goals each month and then reflecting on how I did - ideally at the very beginning of the month. I need the accountability and it's something I can use to measure progress in all areas of my life.  So here we go!

Goals for September 2014:
- Get 30 minutes (or more) of activity in EVERY day in September - doing the #september30for30 challenge that Haley & Adie from Four Fit Sisters are hosting. Also joining in with Ash at A Step in the Right Direction for her Get Your Sh*T Together September Challenge. Lots of challenges but the goal is the same! Get it together and make activity a daily part of my routine. (So far, so good! I'm on Day 9)

- Start running three times a week. I'm aiming for the Thanksgiving Day Race in Cincinnati this year - it's a 10K which I did last year, too. The half marathon I wanted to do falls at a horrible time during my exam schedule so I'm just going to stay trained up until January when my mini training starts for spring.

- Clear out my to-do list: finish the last of the wedding thank yous (because it's embarrasing that it's taken me so long), clean out my closet and donate clothes, & organize our closets when our new dresser arrives on Saturday!

Our spare bedroom during an exam week...yikes. It isn't quite this bad right now but we NEED our dresser
- Blog three times a week. Probably Mon/Wed/Fri

- Get down to 195 or lower by the end of the month.

- Keep my eating simple, close to the earth. No binging or excessive treats - treats should be purposeful and fit within my macros.

What are your goals for September?