Weigh In Wednesday: August 6

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

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0.2. Seriously? Seriously? My first inclination when I saw that number this morning was to run to the gym and sweat for an hour...lose that water weight. Then I realized, that isn't the point and that makes me, once again, a slave to the scale. 

So instead I'm going to celebrate 36 lbs lost, gone forever and feel happy knowing there really is no way I won't reach my goal next week. You better believe I'm gonna celebrate with a few new pieces for school! Like these Minnie pants from JCrew (tried them on already, I'm READY!) and this JCrew Factory Henley Tunic. Just a few things to refresh my wardrobe - outfits perfect for professional events, shadowing my mentor, etc. 

Weighing In
Height: 5'8"
SW: 236.2
Last week: 201.8
This week: 200.2
Change: -1.6
Total Loss: -36 lbs

Today is our Student Activities Fair for school so last night I was charged with making goodie bags for Emergency Medicine Club. Anyone see the irony in giving candy out at a medical school :) Unfortunately candy is a lot cheaper than apples and almonds for 300 people...Moderation is key. Anyway, I definitely had a few pieces while I was making the bags - thank goodness for Jolly Ranchers! Those stupid candies are probably responsible for the 0.2.

I decided to start taking my measurements once a month to measurement my progress in addition to photos and the scale. No real changes in the arms or legs but I did lose 3.5 inches from my torso! I've noticed small changes in how my clothes are fitting, too. I guess all the little things add up!

Measuring Up (inches):
July 2 // August 6
Bust: 44    43      -1
Waist:35.25    34.25   -1
Hips: 46    45      -1
Bootay: 46.5  46     - 0.5
R Thigh/Calf: 28 // 16.5 same
L Thigh/Calf: 28 // 16 same
R Bicep: 13.5 same
L Bicep: 13.5 same

I'm actually pretty proud of how this past weekend went. Nick's parents came to stay with us (thank goodness for our two bedrooms...I have too much stuff!) on Friday night. I think I made really good choices - my weekend behaviors are getting much better.

We hit the gym as a family on Saturday morning and then went to brunch.
Holy moly! This was the best breakfast EVER - Ruth's Cafe at Keystone. Nick's dad and I shared with each other - I got the caprese eggs benedict and he got the pesto, asparagus, tomato scramble. It came with your choice of mixed greens or fruit so I decided to try the salad. Fantastic. We will be going back very soon.

On Sunday I went running at Eagle Creek Park for a little trail run/walk - my first "long run" of half training. It was a perfect day in the shade!

On Monday I made these AWESOME oven chicken fajitas - looked up a recipe for homemade fajita seasonsing, chopped up the veggies and chicken, drizzled with a little olive oil/seasoning, and roasted in the oven for about 30 minutes on 425 degrees. Amazing!

It's Day 17 of the Midsummer Shape Up? How have you been doing? Still going strong over here...yesterday I felt like I was 1000 lbs, like bricks were strapped to my feet. The gym sounded like a terrible idea but I went anyway. You never regret a workout, so make time for it! 

Did you know you can break up your workout into 10 minute intervals and still get the same healthy benefits? A 10 minute walk in the morning, at lunch, and at dinner is better than nothing at all! 

Venti Iced Coffee - fueling med students everywhere.

Happy Wednesday! How have you fit physical activity in when you didn't have a lot of time?


  1. You are just doing so awesome! And I love what you said about it not being the point to go sweat off the extra little bit. It is about consistency and getting there naturally. That is such a hard lesson learned. You give me such hope :)

  2. I see Onederland in your future next week!! You got this!! !:) The fajitas looks awesome. We have almost identical measurements, aside from the bust!!

  3. I guess we all do it. I weigh in the morning...if I don't like what I see I want to wait an hour and try again. Now I just tell myself it will come out next week :) Hooray for better weekend behavior!

  4. That's awesome! You are so close to onederland.

  5. Great loss! I'm doing decent with the challenge. Had some obstacles but still pushing through.

  6. Good for you! I'm 3 weeks in on a crossfit workout from simplysadiejane. Seen some results here as well! Keep it up!

  7. Hi Heather! I am obsessed with your blog!! I would love for you to follow back. Check my blog out, I think you will like what you see!! www.itseffortlyss.com