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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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Hi all! No weigh in today. I just had my macros calculated a week ago and I want to give my body a chance to adjust to my numbers before freaking out over a gain/loss. 

Nearly perfect - I still need to figure out how to adjust the percents

For those that are wondering, my macros (in grams) are 75 F 152 C 160 P which is 1923 calories. Whoa. Seems like A LOT, right? When I was "eating clean" I was typically at 1600-1800 so it isn't a huge jump for me (I'm 5'8" and 200 lbs). The point is to give your body as much fuel as possible while still losing weight. After two weeks of hitting these numbers and no weight loss, then we would adjust a little at a time (probably carbs first). We want to keep that metabolism HIGH, not starving ourselves with 1200 calorie diets - that's when we binge! My body composition goal is to lose fat and still maintain my muscle which is why the protein is high. I LOVE muscle! 

Disclaimer - the protein is REALLY hard for me to hit. I don't like tons and tons of meat and I don't want my calories to come from lots of supplemental protein shakes and such. Whole food as much as possible! I have added dairy back into my diet - cottage cheese, some cheese, greek yogurt, etc. until I can figure out the protein thing. 

A typical meal: Sausage & peppers, roasted potatoes, and yummy asparagus!

I'm not going to get too far into IIFYM in this post but just know that I'm trying to fit as many nutrient dense healthy foods into my diet, while saving some macros for treats like peanut butter or a little cheese in my eggs. Just a more flexible approach - there are no "cheat days" -- it's up to you to work that burger or beer or ice cream into your daily totals if you decide you need a treat.

Perhaps you'd like to split a donut with your hubby - it's ok!

I took a few days off of working out last week after completing the Midsummer Shape Up Challenge and gave myself a chance to relax a bit at home - Nick and I went to his cousin's wedding on Friday and just relaxed with family Saturday and Sunday. Today after workouts on Monday and Tuesday, I am SORE! Like everything - forearms, back, legs, shoulders - all of it! 

Yesterday I started Day 1 of Ashley Horner's Pipehitter program which is a lot of strength and Crossfit style workouts. Loved it but clearly it kicked my butt! Calculated my 1 rep max for back squats to be #135 and my 1 rep max for deadlifts to be #155. I don't know whether that's considered a good start or what but I'm happy with it! Now granted that's maxing out with good form - I don't train with those numbers. The program instructs you to do about 85% of 1RM for the exercises she indicates. Then there are cardio style circuits in between. I think this is a great alternative to joining a Crossfit box which is what I really want to do but simply can't justify the price at this point.  I will review Week one of the program...in a week!

Other goings-on....another exam on Friday to finish out my Immunology course. Next course will be EENT! I am SOOO excited for this weekend -- 4 days off (because I have a Friday exam and no classes afterwards) and it's Labor Day weekend. Granted I will be playing catch-up in a lot of things like cleaning the apartment, laundry, finishing thank you notes (I'm horrible, I know), and reviewing for my other classes. Still making time for some fun - I'm getting my haircut right after my exam and then we have tickets for the Luke Bryan concert that I bought a LONG time ago. I keep forgetting we have them! 

This is what I'll be surviving on the next few days...iced venti coffee's - black

Off to go study - no class until this afternoon so I have to make the most of my time. We have a "pop practical" today in OMM which I'm worried about. I haven't been practicing a ton (planned to catch up this weekend) and I really don't want to take away time to study for that when I have a big final on Friday...don't you just love when they pile everything on all at once?

Do you count macros? Any results? How do you hit your protein goals, without dairy?


  1. Great job this week!! That dinner looks AMAZING. Good luck on all your exams/class stuff-you got this! Enjoy the long weekend!

  2. You're a champ for balancing med school and life. You are doing great! And I agree, that dinner does look amazing and so simple.

  3. I don't do macros, but I do try to eat more protein than carbs. I love love love Bumblebee Tuna - Spicy Thai Chili! So yummy and you don't feel like you're eating tuna!

  4. Awesome job this week! My eating is a lot different from most peoples and honestly without cheese or greek yogurt I would have a really hard time hitting my protein goals since a lot of meats are still hard for me to eat.

  5. I got my macros done but found it so time consuming to weigh everything, and then couldn't figure out how to adjust for a meal out (since I had no clue as to the weight and secret ingredients). I hope it works out for you! might give it another try

  6. Here are some things that have helped with my protein intake as a vegan (i.e. no dairy):

    -Tempeh (18-20 grams per serving) - QUICK (I just grill it on the stove) and DELICIOUS

    (1) spread white bean hummus on the tempeh slices and wrap it in lettuce + cucumbers + shredded carrots


    (2) crumble up the tempeh and put on my salads (the nutty flavor goes well with salad flavors)

    -edamame (I buy the pre-cooked bag from trader joes and boil them for a quick snack)

    -tofu (pressing the tofu ahead of time is KEY to flavorful chewy tofu; tofu is like a sponge so the more water you can get out of it before marinating the more flavor it will soak up)

    -hemp seeds (in my smoothies and sprinkled over salads)

    -hemp milk (the recipe I follow contributes 9 grams of protein to my smoothies) and almond milk (I buy the trader joes brand)

    -beans and lentils

    -nutritional yeast

    -dark, leafy greens


    -protein powders (hemp, brown rice, yellow pea)

    -quinoa, rice, millet, oats, oat bran, and other grains

    This is one of my go-to recipes for high-protien quinoa: http://www.choosingraw.com/quinoa-protein-bowl/

    -nuts and seeds (be careful since 2 tablespoons of almond butter has 16-18 grams fat and 4-8 grams of protein; 1 oz cashews has 5 grams of protein but 12 grams of fat.)

    -Commercial hummus tends to have two measly grams per serving, so I follow this high protein hemp hummus recipe http://www.choosingraw.com/high-protein-hemp-hummus/ which has around 10 grams (and even more if you add nutrition yeast)

    -I also like to follow the idea behind "meal sized salads", because before learning about proper salad components I would end up hungry a short time later because I was basically eating water! http://www.choosingraw.com/how-to-build-a-meal-sized-salad/

  7. you are a total hottie! Just incase you havent looked in the mirror lately. ;-)

  8. Great job getting your Macros. I'm pretty protein sensitive, and seem to gain if I eat too much. Not sure why.

  9. AH! Another IIFYM girl! And we're close to the same stats. I'm about 198-199 give or take and about 5'9". I like counting macros so much better. Easier to see your overall day in grams of the important stuff than over all calories. I used a plug-in to change My Fitness Pal from % to grams and it made it MUCH easier to hit my goals (although I agree with you on the protein!). Good luck!

  10. I have been dabbling in IIFYM - would love to know more about how you're weighing and fitting everything in - health and prep wise!