One down...a million more to go!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It's already my second week of second year...things escalated VERY quickly around here. My first systems block is Immunology (the Immune System). Because the class is only three weeks long, we had our first exam yesterday. I had a week to learn 17 lectures worth of material so I apologize for my absence on WIW yesterday and other days as well -- working on the life balance aspect of school :) The good news is that I really like this material - I think Immunology is so fascinating! The body does an amazing job keeping us from getting sick but when things go wrong, it's interesting to see how the body responds. Some of the topics we're studying include hypersensitivity reactions (contact dermitis, serum sickness, anaphylaxis), congenital immune deficienies, arthritis, etc. Lots of very common things and some really rare genetic diseases!

With all that learning, I was doing a lot of printing... so much so that I got printer ink all over my face and hands. That's what less sleep does for a girl.

I have to be honest, it was really hard to get back into my studying groove last Monday - part of me is really glad I took the summer off and didn't really think about school but another part of me wishes I had looked over things and kept my brain fresh with learning. I'm not saying to study during the summer...maybe just read a few articles or do practice problems once in awhile to keep information fresh. 

Despite a tiring first week, my exam went really well! They released our grades this afternoon and I was pleased with my performance - I'm trying to step things up this year and be more efficient with my study habits. I'm happy that hard work paid off! Hoping to finish this course strong in two weeks for my final!

One of the new things I've added to my study regimen is maintaining my workout schedule! Revolutionary, right? In the past, I traded the treadmill for an uncomfortable chair and healthy food for midnight Taco Bell. Not anymore! Hitting the gym has become my study break - it's like hitting the reset button on your brain. 30 minutes later I'm refreshed, renewed, and ready to hit the books again. I feel ten times better than I used to.

You may be wondering how the Midsummer Shape Up Challenge is going. Today is officially the last day - 30 days straight of physical activity! After tonight's workout, I will have made it 28 days out of 30! Not perfect but it's a great start. Yesterday I didn't get a workout in - I needed rest and a drink with friends. Balance, right?

So week one is in the books! I'm going to try to do more "mini" blog posts to update throughout the week instead of trying to compile these big ole things. It's too daunting! 

Final tidbit of news: our wedding photos are in! I will share them very soon after tomorrow!