Weigh In Wednesday: July 30

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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Keeping it short and sweet today! Lots of things on my to-do lists (mostly because I waited until the last two weeks of summer to do things). I'm going to miss my leisurely mornings of watching the news and drinking my coffee/shake.  

No One-derland this week. *Sigh* I knew as soon as I woke up I didn't make it - I feel bloated. And sore. Very sore. It's possible I'm hanging on to some water weight.

Weighing In
Height: 5'8"
SW: 236.2
Last week: 201.2
This week: 201.8
Change: +0.6
Total Loss: -34.4 lbs

I'm chalking this up to lifting. Since I started learning more about strength training, I've realized my goal is less about "weight loss" and more about body composition change. I definitely wouldn't be upset with being at a higher healthy weight if it means being solid muscle with lower body fat. I understand that it's pretty hard/impossible to build muscle and lose fat at the same time - since they are opposite processes (catabolic vs. anabolic). None the less, I going to continue to preserve my muscle tissue by lifting!

{Did you know the beautiful Marilyn Monroe lifted weights? She has a perfect hourglass shape that many women seek - lifting won't make you bulky!}

Growing up, I thought it was all about being "skinny" at all costs - I would starve myself, then binge, then workout excessively to count the binge.  It's an unhealthy cycle and it stops working pretty quick. {For the record, I'm not skinny shaming. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being skinny or wanting to be skinny if that is your goal. Sometimes I think thin people get just as much crap as heavier people.} 

For now I'm going to keep plugging along, sticking to my calculated macros (which means tracking accurately!!!) and my workout schedule. If things don't move in the next two weeks, it will be time to reassess my macros/caloric intake. Whatever program you are following, give it time to work! Do NOT throw in the towel.

One of the reasons you see people taking "selfies" all the time is to track their progress. At first I felt super awkward doing this but I'm so glad I started. Photos & all the other measures tell a different story about my progress. The scale doesn't tell me if I've lost fat or gained muscle. The scale doesn't tell me if my clothes fit a little better and the scale certainly doesn't tell me that I've taken about 15 more seconds off my mile. Next week when I redo my measurements, the scale might not tell me I've lost those inches either.
These pictures are all 3 weeks apart from each other and represent ~ 2 months of progress (June 6 - July 27). Now I don't know if it's just good angles or lighting or mirrors or who knows what but I feel like there are small changes happening. The funny part? I weigh exactly the same as I did two months ago. Up and down, right? 

Like I said before, I'm still going to weigh in each week until I hit a healthy weight for my height. But as I continue to develop healthier habits, it starts meaning less and less.  

How do you measure your progress? 
How has your view of weight loss/reaching goals changed as you got older?

**Today is Day 10 of Midsummer Shape Up**

Raise your hand if you are still going strong! *raises hand* It's still not too late to join in on the fun. Physical activity 30 days in a row - anything you want! Make sure to CHECK IN via social media with the hashtag #midsummer30for30

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  1. My goals have gotten bigger as I've gotten older because I never stuck with my decision to get healthy so my weight has increased over the years. I've also definitely changed my mindset from wanting to be skinny to now just wanting to be healthy and feel confident in my body.

  2. Holding strong on the 30 for 30! And you look great it the picture all the way to the right. Love hearing people support lifting. Love when girls want to get strong!

  3. HI! Just have question about your macros... How did you calculate your macros? Just wondering if you used a website, read a book, paid someone to do it for you, etc? Thanks!

  4. I can see a difference!! I totally didn't know Marilyn lifted! That's great.

    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins