My Must-Have Running Gear {Summer Edition}

Friday, July 11, 2014

When I started running last year, I had no clue what I was doing. Heck, I still don't really know what I'm doing! I do know one thing - I've found some awesome running gear to make life just a little bit easier! In my experience, the best way to find the best gear is to ask other people who have tried it before.

Without further ado, here are a few of my running favorites for summer time.

1. Moving Comfort - Juno/Fiona

A good bra is the number one most important piece of clothing - especially for all you busty women like me. I've had limited success with Victoria Secret Sport and department store bras - none have ever been this comfortable.  Bonus - I don't have to wear TWO at a time! #winning 

I typically wear a 38DD so many companies do not carry my size or have underwires that poke and prod. Yes, Moving Comfort is on the pricy side at $40-60 a pop but I promise it is worth it! 

2. UnderArmour Compression Shorts

I realize compression shorts may be considered "baselayers" for under real shorts but I can't handle all those layers. I wear them alone. They are by far the most comfortable shorts I've ever worn while running - no thigh rub. They are thick enough to avoid being obscene but I admit I would like to find a thicker pair one day will a little more "suck em up" for Helga (my belly). 

I also love Nike shorts (aka "Norts"), compression capris from Old Navy, and leggings from Athleta (I will include these in my winter gear addition). 

3. Moisture Wicking Tank Tops

I highly doubt you have have too many workout tops - I know some people have no problem working out in a cotton t-shirt but I have to wear tanks. I don't like things on my arms while I run or workout - probably because my guns are so large and in charge. Gotta show 'em off.

Unlike my bottoms and bras, I don't spend very much on tops. In fact, two of my favorite styles are from WALMART of all places. Fun fact: I despise Walmart and all it stands for but I make an exception when it comes to their athletic department.

I have this style in four colors: grey, red, black, and navy, and I wear them constantly. They are flowy and don't hang on me while I sweat my butt off - perfect and cheap!

Another Walmart treasure, perfect for hot yoga as well as running! These are a little more fitted and for some reason, I love how the ribbing and fabric feel. I have this style in light blue, hot pink, and hot coral. 

I'm a huge fan of Underarmour! They are less expensive than Nike or Adidas but have similar quality and the styles are so cute! I want this tank in more colors! Bring on the V-Necks!

4. Asics Gel Blur33 shoes

My first pair of running shoes were Nike's that eventually developed a big hole in the toe - apparently they tend to run small. Then I had my shoes properly fitted at a running store (DO THIS! VERY IMPORTANT) and they set me up with some Asics which I continue to use and love (although they are probably done running long races and runs). Then I bought the ones pictured above. They aren't very pretty but they get the job done. I have enormously large feet (size 13) so I settle for what I can get.

Basically, I'm a fan on Asics and haven't had any trouble with my knees or shin splints since I started wearing them. I know other brands are more popular among runners - like Brooks & Mizuno - but so far I'm happy with these.  

Like I said before, the most important thing is to get sized by a professional and find a pair that fit YOU. Asics usually run in the $80-120 price range so they aren't cheap but good shoes are totally worth the investment!

5. Nathan 5K Belt

I run around town with my fanny pack on, my fanny pack on, my fanny pack...For serious, I love this guy. I wear it to the gym, I wear it on the run. I can fit my phone and my keys, probably a baby kangaroo if I really tried. Typically when I run I have to wear it around my waist like a belt so it doesn't move around too much so maybe I look ridiculous. I don't care. Comfort and convenience - BOOM.

6. Sony Sports Headphones

Confession time: my ears sweat. Well, probably not but my ears do get sweaty and these babies prevent my ear buds from falling out - a highly annoying problem. Plus they don't hurt my ears like other buds do. These are perfect for studying, too!

7. Body Glide

We all have skin, therefore we all have places that rub - for me it's usually skin on skin chub rubbing away. In addition to the protecting my thigh gap (laugh out loud), I also lube up along my sports bra line and the underside of my arms.

You may find that medicated body powder is also a good friend post-shower to dry things up and keep rubbage from getting worse. All the rubbage, all the problems. 

8. Compression Socks

Elderly people wear them to improve their circulation & prevent DVTs, I wear them for fashion...and to improve my circulation. There is mixed research regarding the effectiveness of compression socks on performance and recovery in running but so far they have been helpful for ME. I don't know about performance but I feel like my soreness is significantly reduced when I wear these during races and long runs - followed by a "soothing" ice bath. 

9. Sun Protection
Probably the most important addition to your summer running wardrobe - SUNSCREEN! In addition, I highly recommend adding a hat and sunglasses. Generally, I wear a hat/sunglasses so people can't see me (it's like my own personal invisibility cloak) but you must protect your face, eyes, and skin! 

You don't want your skin to look like a brown Coach hangbag at the age of 30 (or worse) when your body is youthful and conditioned from running! Take care of your skin - sunscreen, visit the dermatologist, eliminate rubbing, etc. 

Sunglasses, always.

So these are my picks for summer running gear! I'm pretty simple and I'm no expert but you don't have to shell out major bucks to run safely and comfortably!

Happy Running!

What are your favorite running items? Any recommendations?


  1. I totally agree with you on those Walmart Danskin tanks! I too despite Walmart, but those tanks are perfect for working out and so cheap!

  2. I LOVE MY ASICS too!!! They're the best. I also really dig the Gap breathe tank tops for working out. I scored two for 8.00 each at their last sale. I love love them. I rock them for running and weekend wear.

  3. Love this!! Im going to check out the UA gear, cheaper is better! THere is a nike outlet on my drive to and from school, but sometimes outlets mean settling for ill fitting and designs that didnt workout well lol. Also the fanny pack!! I can see that being useful on the wards in our futures... holding snacks and pocketbooks ;-) It will go right under the white coat!