A Marriage Story: Part II - The Ceremony {6/13/14}

Friday, June 27, 2014

Today I'm continuing our wedding story - the getting ready process & the ceremony. {I stole all these photos from friends on Facebook - I will share our professional ones once they arrive}

After the rehearsal dinner on Thursday, I slept like a baby which I wasn't expecting at all! To be honest, during this whole process I have never once been worried or nervous about being married to Nick - all the worry and anxiety came from making sure everything worked out logistically! My anxiety woke me up around 5 am and around 7 am I started to get everything ready for my 'maids to arrive to start getting ready.

A few of my maids and I stopped at Panera for a quick breakfast and iced tea (this is a must) before the hair and makeup artists arrived at 10 am. 

The whole morning was very relaxed - we had one hair and one makeup artist so the getting ready process was slow but this was the first time we had all been in one place for the first time since college. There was A LOT to catch up on! 

For part of their gift, I ordered these adorable and super comfy robes from Etsy (missing two more maids in this pic). Throwing our sorority sign :) I thought they turned out GREAT and I love wearing mine around the house now.

I can't tell you how much I miss spending time with these ladies. It brought me back to so many times in college when we would blast music, practice doing each others hair and makeup, and act goofy before a night out. I love that when we all get together, it feels like nothing has changed even when everything else has - when you're blessed to find friends like these, hold on for dear life!

Over the course of the morning, the flowers were delivered and the photographer arrived to take getting ready photos. There were only a few hiccups during the day and I was really the only one who noticed so overall, things when very well.

The 30 minutes before we left the hotel were probably the craziest - getting dresses on and directing everyone on where to go next.

When Nick and I got engaged, I knew I wanted to attempt the mismatched bridesmaid trend. I'm really not a matchy-matchy kind of gal and for some reason I tend to reject most of the popular wedding designs for dresses - satin, tulle, taffeta, etc. My friends all have totally different body types and I wanted everyone to feel comfortable and beautiful! Plus, we are all fresh out of college. I wanted them to purchase dresses and shoes that they could wear again ("You can shorten it and wear it again.")

Before the ceremony, Nick and I decided to do a "first look" which we were super hesitant about. In order to maximize our time at the reception, we got 75% of our photos done prior to the ceremony and I'm so glad we did!

We ended up have two spectacular, unique moments - the first look and the walk down the aisle. I highly recommend doing so! I felt much more relaxed and at ease knowing a lot of the pressure was off yet I still felt all the emotions of seeing Nick at the altar when I walked into the church.

After lots of photos at a location in downtown Cincinnati (the P&G Gardens), we headed to the church to get ready. Here's the finished product!

The ceremony was beautiful. We had a full Mass which apparently bothered a few people (really?) but we were so happy with how things came together. Two of my bridesmaids are Jewish and they did just fine! 

One of my favorite parts was the music! Our cantor sings beautifully. The bridesmaids processed to Canon in D while I entered to the Prince of Denmark March. During the prelude the cantor sand Ave Maria which is one of my favorites!

Prior to the wedding I was trying to decide who would walk me down the aisle. I decided that I didn't want to try to fill the role my dad would have filled so I walked alone. I talked with my mom and others and they supported my decision. That part of my life is super complicated - my dad's family didn't attend the wedding which I think bothered me more than I was willing to admit. Their loss.

One of most emotional times of the ceremony was when my grandpa (along with my aunt and grandma) brought the gifts forward to the priest (the eucharist and wine). My grandpa has always been a huge part of my life and a big source of inspiration for me. (He has had Multiple Sclerosis for over 40 years - one day I'll write his story). I was so happy to have him part of the wedding! 

The ceremony went a lot quicker than I imagined it would. Before I knew it, we were MARRIED

More pictures!

One of our adorable flower girls!

All of the flower girls! What Nick doesn't know: this is foreshadowing a future family photos - we're only having sweet little girls when we start a family (maybe ONE boy).

Mr. and Mrs. for the first time! 

Part III is coming soon!

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  1. You pulled off the non-matching bridesmaids dresses very well! We also did a first look on our wedding day and I don't regret it a single bit! A first look gives you 2 special moments. I don't think anything could ever take away the butterflies you get as you walk down the aisle toward your future husband!

  2. Beautiful! Stunning! Gorgeous! Wow! OMGoodness! Aahh! Fantastic! All of it.... gorgeous! A bazillion congrats!

  3. Everything looks so beautiful! I like the bridesmaids dresses, very unique idea that worked.

  4. awwww so cute love the pics xxx

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  5. You look SO beautiful and happy. Those are also the prettiest assortment of bridesmaids dresses that I've ever seen!

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