Weigh In Wednesday May 28

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hello everybody! Welcome to Weigh-In Wednesday!
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Hey everyone! I'm trying to update from my iPad because my computer charger decided to die on me and I'm waiting for a new one. Classes are finally over so I plan to have LOTS of updates once my computer is back up and running!

For now, I'm off to Cincinnati for the day for my wedding dress fitting.  I'm down about 14 pounds since purchasing it so hopefully it will look better and need to be taken in.

I'm sitting at 202 right now after the Memorial Day Weekend - SO CLOSE! 34 lbs gone!

Will update more tonight but in the mean time, Happy Hump Day!

Tell me what you're most excited about for summer?


  1. So exciting!!! Wedding dress fitting!!! Most excited about our family vacay to Disney for the first time this summer!!!

  2. Yay for classes being over! We've got two first year medical students with us at work this week :) Have fun at your fitting!

  3. That is so exciting about your dress fitting!