Weigh In Wednesday May 21

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hello everybody! Welcome to Weigh-In Wednesday!
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Please excuse my absence last week! I am currently drinking from the firehose of knowledge with just three days left of school. I will be MUCH more active this summer when I get a break but until then, I'm sprinting to the finish line. TWO exams left!

In addition to school coming to a close, wedding planning is heating up - three weeks! Right now I'm in the process of tracking down RSVPers which were due on Monday. Next comes the seating chart, finalizing readings, finalizing timing and logistics, and going absolutely INSANE.

And finally Nick moved to Indianapolis and started his new job on Monday! I've been splitting my time between moving things in from my old apartment, studying, getting the new apartment ready, and also going INSANE. 

So basically, I'm insane. Thankfully, I've made an amazing group of friends at school that love me even when I burst into tears randomly like an annoying baby. As the years progress, I'm reminded time and time again that the QUALITY of your friendships are far more important than the QUANTITY. You can't be everything for everybody - especially if they treat you poorly. Be yourself and there will be people who love and respect you for that.


It's fair to say I brought this all on myself but I'm not convinced there is EVER a good time to totally shake up your life so now is as good a time as ever. Things will be so much better on Friday - I'll have all the time in the world to finish up wedding planning and getting the apartment taken care of.

For the weigh in, I left my scale at the old apartment. #unprepared Basically I have stuff in about three or four different places now but I can estimate that I haven't lost or gained any more weight. I've been eating moderately well and working out a fair amount. I do need to get back to running, like NOW.


I started a Sugar Detox with a bunch of ladies through one of my favorite blogs, Four Fit Sisters, on Monday.  The first two days weren't very successful (like running errands until 9pm and succumbing to free pizza for dinner) but now that I'm finally organized, I'm officially starting today. I plan to extend the Detox to the wedding - basically eliminating all added sugar and taking it back to nature. 

The upside to moving to my new apartment is that the gym is ON POINT. It's much better than the one at school and has everything I use at Planet Fitness (bleh yuck boo) minus my beloved dumbbell bars. I'm happy, happy, happy! I love our new apartment -it's our first "home" and we got quite a deal for how nice it is. I think we'll really like it here!

Until Friday and the return of my life:

Have a great week!

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  1. Wedding planning and exams! You're a busy lady! You're doing awesome though!! :) Keep up the great work!