Weigh In Wednesday: April 23

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Sorry this post is late today! I'm nearing the end of my second semester of school - one month to go - so I have lots of exams and practicals coming up. Friday is the end of my Pulmonary block and then we end with Renal! I can't believe how quickly this year went - I've been in school since the beginning of August but it feels like I just started...how do I already know so many things and not know anything all at the same time?

If you read the last few posts, things have been going well with training for my mini. I ran my longest run EVER on Sunday - 12.25 miles!!! Now I'm going to taper the next two weeks - no more super long runs, just following my training schedule until May 4. Today calls for 5 miles so I'm going to do that as a study break this afternoon.

Now for the weigh in! Down another 2 lbs which means my scale isn't broken after all.  I'm getting SO close to my next goal - ONEDERLAND.  When I looked through MyFitnessPal, I realized I haven't been this weight since Summer 2011 - 6 months after my 21st B-day. We're getting there!

Weighing In
Height: 5'8"
SW: 236.2
Last week: 207.4
This week: 205.6
Loss: -1.8
Total Loss: -30.6

Other than fitness goals and school, I have a lot of other exciting things going on right now. Number one is that my fiancĂ© just got a job offer here in Indianapolis! We're very happy that he gets to stay with the same company he's been with since we graduated from college! The job is a great career opportunity for him and is perfect timing for us school and wedding-wise. 

I'm EXTREMELY happy that Nick will finally be moving here next month! We'll have about a month before the wedding to get our new apartment settled since I will be moving out of my school apartment in mid-May. This whole year without him here has been really hard for us but I think it also gave us both a chance to grow individually before we come together as a family. 

I know we'll have a lot to get used to since we've never lived together before! In college we both always had different living situations (except second semester of freshman year when we lived on the same dorm floor). I'm glad we never lived together previously because I'm excited to go through these new stages of life with him - learning to share household responsibilities, cooking dinner together, watching TV on OUR couch in OUR living room instead of our families houses, etc. I just so excited to finally be creating a life TOGETHER! 

As far as wedding planning, nearly everything is complete. We have transportation, hotels, and all of the big stuff complete. Now we just need to meet with our priest one last time and make some decisions about what readings and songs we would like at the ceremony.

My mom has been a HUGE help getting decorations for our reception, specifically the Dessert Bar we are having instead of a cake table. Lots of glass wear, burlap, lace, vintage details, and cake stands (I have a weird obsession with cake stands and dessert displays - I don't even bake desserts!). So that's been really helpful.  I'm trying to get all the detail ducks in a row which is NOT my forte, what-so-ever. I'm definitely a big picture gal - which is probably why I'm attracted to primary care :).

The lady making our invitations (her and her husband are also our DJs for the wedding) posted this sneak peak of our invitations last night! I couldn't be more thrilled to see them!

Yesterday some sneaky friends of mine surprised me with patio furniture as an early bridal shower gift because I've been wanting somewhere to study when it's nice out! I feel so blessed to have kind, thoughtful friends. I was feeling pretty grumpy yesterday and their sweetness just turned that all around!

Finally, I just want to sign off with one of my favorite sayings these days. It's simple and to the point but I think hard work and being nice go a long way in this world. Have a great Wednesday!

What is your favorite quote or saying?


  1. I am so excited for you about everything going on in your life. Enjoy every moment of it:)

  2. Over 30 pounds down, you go girl! That is awesome that the wedding planning is coming along so well and your fiance got a new job. Your friends are awesome too; love the outdoor furniture. Things seem great love. xoxo

  3. Nice loss! Enjoy all the wedding prep! I wish Pinterest was around when I got married!