Weigh In Wednesday: April 2

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pretty Strong Medicine

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It's a rainy day here in Indianapolis which means only one thing - I want to SLEEP, read a good book, and drink a chai latte. That is what dreams are made of, friends. Sadly, that's not the way world works. But what is better than sleeping? DOING BURPEES IN DA RAIN with November Project - Indianapolis! 

That's how my morning started off today. Running stairs (I HATE every second), lots of squats, pushups in a puddle, and partner work. I really just need to do a post about this so I'll writing myself a reminder right now. Post tomorrow or perish. 

So in all my haste to get in a solid workout, shower, eat breakfast, and get to school to start my study day, I forgot to weigh in officially. I can tell you that much to my chagrin, hopes and dreams, I am up around two pounds so back around 210. Even though I managed to get five good workouts in last week (when I was studying for THREE back to back exams), I still managed to gain because YOU CANNOT OUT TRAIN A POOR DIET. I did manage to get a few GOOD meals in too, though.
Spinach & mushrooms, eggs with red pepper

Asparagus, potatoes, squash, and risotto!

Hello, My name is Heather and I'm the queen of stress eating. Oh you want a study break? Let's go to Qudoba. Another 5 hours of studying tonight? Give me that Reese's egg. We finished our exams? Let's get Mexican and drink $2 beers. It's this vicious cycle and I'm SO sick of screwing up time and time again.  

Perhaps I was born with the appetite of a goat?

This weekend I'm going home again because Nick and I have to pick out our wedding bands.  I'm getting really nervous and scared that I'm going to mess up all my hard work this week by indulging too much when I go home - comfort foods, drinks, snacks, I lose all control. Every weekend home cannot be a vacation.  I'll be SO SO SO happy when Nick moves here in two months and I won't constantly be running back and forth.

In other news, don't forget that Ash and I have a DietBet coming up that starts on April 14 and ends May 11. Just in time to get ready for summer! I'm excited to win some money, are you in?!?  I'm hoping that extra motivation will be just what I need.

My half marathon is coming up sooner than I'd like - I have a few 5ks coming up just to get into the racing spirit but I still feel really behind.  I'm kicking my training into overdrive for the next month and praying I can finishing.  Yesterday was pretty slow going for only 4 miles - I need to find the fun in running again.

That's all for now folks!  Hoping to catch up on comments and reading y'alls posts this week since I've been a little MIA.  Peace & blessin's

I want to know: What is your all-time favorite exercise (move or style)?


  1. Girl you are kicking butt! You might feel behind with your half training but you're still leaps and bounds ahead of everyone still sitting on the couch. You got this! I know you will finish that half. And finishing is all that matters. Keep on chugging along girl.

  2. Favorite exercise? I am currently at the point where I don't love it--I do it because I need to, but I don't love it. Well, except for Zumba--I could dance all night!

  3. You can do it! Just think of how great you want to feel on your wedding day. Regardless of your weight, you will be soooo much happier if you were diligent and had tons of willpower to avoid stress snacking. It's a state of mind, and you're a strong girl! My favorite exercises are through ToneitUp lately, I use weights and do a couple of their youtube videos to get toned :)

  4. I am a stress eater as well, it's so bad, but we are all working through it I am sure. I love to walk, and walk some more and then go hike a mountain, as long as the exercise is outside and I am not cooped up in a hole somewhere then I am a happy camper.

  5. I agree with the not out training a bad diet - I try to eat well, but there are times that stress and boredom get to me. That asparagus looks yummy! I am training for my first half marathon and with less than 70 days to go I am a little nervous. Good luck!

  6. I seem to be the opposite of most people...when I'm stressed I don't eat. Too focused on the stressor.

    I don't have a favorite exercise YET.