Weigh In Wednesday: March 19

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pretty Strong Medicine

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This girl has finally got her groove back! Thank you sweet baby Jesus! The past few weeks have been just kinda blah - I was eating like a hormonal teenager and living the couch potato life.  Maybe it's the dawning of Spring weather or something just clicked again but I'm feelings pretty great.  

I have to be honest, I was pretty down in the dumps lately which happens to me on occasion. Anyone else experience this? I just have little cycles of not feeling like myself - they come and go, maybe they last a few days or maybe a few weeks but eventually I get over them. I hesitate to say "depression" but that's what it feels like sometimes. Luck for me, I'm out of the funk and feeling much, much better.

Weigh in time! 

Height: 5'8"
SW: 236.2
Last week: 208.5
This week: 207.6
Loss: -0.9
Total Loss: -28.6
BMI: 31.6

Small victories. I rebounded a bit from my water weight loss when I was sick so my loss is pretty small this week. 

In other news, long run last night. It was a 50 minute "fall back" run and my first club run in THREE weeks - exams, spring break, illness - all the excuses. So I was able to get 4.7 miles in which were slightly painful and not at all enjoyable. However, in order to catch up in my training I need to bust out 7-8 miles this weekend.  Wish me luck. I'm scared.

Remember my Turkey meatloaf(s)? I think I've perfected the recipe. Holy delicious - these are pure perfection! Paired them with some roasted squash, zucchini, and potatoes (plus topped with tomato sauce).

Now for something completely new!
Thanks to my dear friend, Marguerite, I found out about a FREE fitness movement called November Project! It started in Boston and now has expanded to 15 cities across the country including my dear home of Indianapolis! This morning (at 6:25 am) was my first time and I had a blast (well...I felt great afterwards. It was pretty hard!). Everyone is super nice and encouraging and people of all fitness levels are welcome!  

I will have more updates about NP soon! It's definitely something I'm going to incorporate in my week - the opportunity to meet new people with similar interests that ARE NOT medical students is so refreshing - "real" people? WHAAAA

 Killer burn followed by a much deserved breakfast! Lentil and bean "taco" with yummy 'matoes and the always pleasing scrambled eggies.  I'm happy and full 'til lunch!

Excuse me while I got foam roll my life away.  Hope you all are enjoying the first hints of spring! 


  1. I cannot WAIT for Spring to get here. So over all the cold winter.

    You're going to rock your half!!! :)

  2. Definitely know what you mean about those moods, but great weight loss results!

  3. I get those "moods" too. They completely suck. Glad you're out of it, and had a loss this week! Madison, WI has a November Project group too! I really want to check it out, but it's downtown Madison which I'm about 45 minutes away from...

  4. Thanks for the shout out lovely!!!I'm so glad you enjoyed NP!! I have been going for 6 weeks now and the mornings just aren't as bad anymore. I really look forward to it! Your foam roller is going to become your best friend! I just bought "the stick" last weekend and it is assassinating. So painful but so good. Love ya!