We Are Young - Weekend Wrapup

Monday, March 17, 2014

 Hello family! It's been awhile since I've had much weekend happenings to "wrap up!" To finish my spring break out strong, my bridesmaids (minus the very missed Marguerite) came up to Indianapolis for my Bachelorette Party! They quickly put together a party with only two weeks to plan everything because of my limited schedule and I think it turned out beautifully! 

What I love most about our group is that we can go without seeing each other for months but when we finally get all back together in the same place, it's like we were never apart. 

We started the afternoon with lots of snacks (mostly healthy - hummus and pita, veggies, chips, etc.) and some delicious punch, wine, and yes - even jello shots. My friends really outdid themselves for being the middle of the day.

We played a couple fun games including Fiancee Jeopardy. My friend Mary had asked Nick to answer a bunch of questions about his favorite things, family, etc.  Wrong answers meant consequences - if I got it wrong, I had to do something (like truth or dare, take a drink, etc.) and if I got it right, someone else had to do it.  It turned out to be SOOO fun!  I didn't do too bad either and they were tricky questions!

We went to dinner later on in Broadripple and then eventually made our way downtown to Howl at the Moon which is a dueling piano bar. SO. MUCH. FUN. I must go back! At some point in the night, my friends signed me up to be on stage to have them play "We Are Young" by Fun. aka our senior year of college anthem. I may have ended up singing into a microphone in front of hundreds of people. Surprisingly, I did not overindulge at all during the night - I mentioned in my last post how having "too much" fun was a common fixture of my college experience. I'm slowly learning that I can still have a blast with my friends and be more responsible and because of that realization, the night was awesome!  It doesn't hurt that anytime we all get together, the night is just plain hilarious.

After HATM, we made our way home - safe and sound. Brunch this morning and now my Spring Break has come to an end, sadly. The end of my first year of medical school is quickly approaching which means the wedding is closer, too! (and my mini!)

There are so many things to look forward to in the coming months - a lot of life changes and a lot of stress. Hoping to make it through the best that I can. 

One of my favorite presents from the party!  I love it.

Leftovers at my house - the amount of wine is ridiculous. I won't be drinking this anytime soon, I have a dress to fit into!

At Howl at the Moon - some man decided to rudely jump into our photo.

Seriously the luckiest bride in the world to have the best sisters, friends, and bridesmaids!