Weigh In Wednesday: Dec. 4

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Weigh IN Wednesday

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Ok - well this took me longer than expect. The life of a med student....

Surprisingly, I'm literally at the same weight as last week which I'm chalking up to the running and not completely gorging myself like usual at Thanksgiving. 

I'm giving myself a break from running for a few more days but in the mean time, one of the hospitals my school is affiliated with was nice enough to give us two free weeks of gym membership during December! Needless to say, I love to take advantage of FREE fitness classes so yesterday I went to Body Pump and tonight I went to Turbo Kick!

Body Pump wasn't all the great last night - there were only three others in the class and I prefer to do circuit training for strength - not whatever that was. I guess it's high rep but I barely broke a sweat! 

Turbo Kick, on the other hand, was NUTS! I've done Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire many times before but our instructor was off the wall cray cray. I pretty much hated the entire experience but was so happy to get my butt kicked HARD! Sometimes you just need to be PUSHED even if every bone in your body wants out of there. I also took advantage of my friend's yoga session during lunch at school today. I love getting to relax my mind in the middle of the day and hang out with a few classmates and faculty! 

I'm slowly cleaning up my eating, as well! Tomorrow I desperately need to go grocery shopping for produce, eggs, etc. I'm trying to make it the rest of the semester on the food I already have (lots of tuna, organic soups, turkey burgers, and quinoa) and just supplement with fruits and veggies! Loan money is running LOW.

That's all I've got for now! I feel like I don't know what to write about anymore because I don't take pictures as much anymore.  I need to do any update on school soon so look out for that!

How are you doing post-Thanksgiving?
Any tips for the holidays?


  1. Can u kinda explain loans in med school please? Did u require a loan for the entire tuition? Im on the path of going to med school and loans frighten me. I hear everyone has to get them, unless u have a rich aunt.

  2. Heather ~ I love your blog :) Ya ! I agree I would love to see more pics lol-:) No update from me today, I'm down with a tummy bug :(

  3. I actually survived Thanksgiving without gaining as well! I was shocked to say the least. And I need to give group fitness classes a try ASAP. Part of my problem is I'm kind of a chicken shit when it comes to trying something like that alone. If only I had a buddy to go with me... :(

    Keep up the great work girl!

  4. Maintaining through Thanksgiving is AWESOME!