Weigh In Wednesday: Dec. 11

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weigh IN Wednesday

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1.5 weeks of school left and then I'll be a normal human and able to update you all about my life! 4 more exams to go - two written, one practical, and one OSCE (playing doctor for a grade). So far, I've passed THREE classes in med school - three more to go! 

Weigh in today: a measly 0.2 pounds! Whenever I have an exam on Monday, I never get workouts in and I've been eating less than stellar. A certain roommate (along with our two friends) convinced me to grab Taco Bell last night after we got our Hematology Exam grades back (I actually did a lot better than my previous exam...and I studied less! Weird.). I can't wait to get a few weeks off to reset and work on creating better habits. 

The goal these last few weeks is to maintain, maintain, maintain! If I can just get through the holidays and exam week without gaining and making the best choices possible, I'll be happy.  

Some updates on the wedding planning front. Nick and I finally took our engagement pictures after having to postpone them twice because of weather. On Friday it snowed so we had beautifully snowy pictures on Saturday. Hopefully we will get them back soon and I'll share! I hope they turned out well...Nick and I both hate getting our photos taken. 

Sample Gates - The perfect Bloomington 

I have a bunch of appointments set up over Winter Break to meet with photographers, caterers, DJs, etc. so I'm counting on break to do the bulk of the planning since we have less than 7 months to go! 

I'm going dress shopping on Dec. 30! 

Thanks all!


  1. .2 lbs isn't bad with all the craziness of med school! Good luck over the holidays with the wedding planning.

  2. Desiree Penton MarshallDecember 11, 2013 at 7:58 AM

    Good luck with the rest of your exams and the wedding planning! It wasn't much but it still was a loss so that's something!

  3. Can't wait to see the engagement pictures!

  4. Congrats on passing your courses and kicking some butt on hematology! Sometimes you'll have a natural knack for some subjects, and that may point you in a certain direction for the future (cough * specialty* cough).

  5. Congrats on your engagement! The Snow one is so beautiful! You're looking pretty too :)

  6. Ooh I'd love to do this link up next week! .2 lb is great considering the stress of finals and like you said, Taco Bell :P Can't wait to see your engagement pictures!

  7. Does this blog hop still on going? I'd love to join. Btw, I'm following you via GFC. I found your blog lovely. My posts are more of fitness and soon i`ll be posting about my being a pre-med student.