Weigh In Wednesday - November 13

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weigh IN Wednesday

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Whoops...got to school today and realized I forgot to post! Sounds like a pretty regular event for me so I'm sure ya'll aren't surprised. Thank you for sticking with me over the past few months - I haven't been as interactive or up-to-date as I should be. I'm slowly getting into a good routine with school so I hope to be more active next semester! 

The weeks are flying by! First, the weigh-in. It's week three of boot camp and I've officially lost the 5 lbs I've be cycling up and down with for the past two months ..hopefully by next week I'll be at a number I haven't seen since before my 21st birthday! (which I will be sharing!) That brings the grand total to 21.4 lbs lost!

In other news, on Monday I had my first "Final Exam" for Scientific Foundations. No more basic science classes (provided I passed...)!!!  We are starting our Hematology systems course which will include EVERYTHING about the blood and associated structures - pathology, histology, physiology, etc. I AM SO EXCITED! I'm ready to put the science I've learned into a clinical context and actually know "doctor things" instead of cell signaling pathways with little to no context. I'm ready to attack this material and kill it because Foundations was a struggle. (More about med school in a future post).

Anyway, last week was pretty much spent like this:

or this.

Can you say "struggle bus?" And now I'm in recovery mode. I took Monday evening off after the exam and now I'm back to the grind! I'm really sad because I'm officially three weeks behind on American Horror Story & The Walking Dead. Also behind on Grey's Anatomy and Scandal...#smh Any idea where I can find AHS or TWD online?

Despite the shambly life I lead, I did manage to get some great workouts in last week - boot camp on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, a couple beautiful runs, and two yoga classes.

This was my long run from last week. This week I need to bust out 5 miles so I know I'll be ready for Thanksgiving! I was super slow that day but I had to do some walking. My left foot has been bothering me lately - I'm thinking extensor tendontitis - mostly my 2nd metatarsal. It usually only bothers me on longer runs - at boot camp I'm typically fine, even during sprints. I'm hoping that with ice and rest, it'll be fine for the race! 

I wish I would've taken pictures of yoga but I went to two classes last week! One of our classmates teaches yoga on Wednesday afternoons (fo free!) which is a great study break and way to relax - a few of the professors and other staff of the med school do it with us! I also tried a yoga studio in downtown Indy with a few classmates on Sunday. Unfortunately the hot yoga class was full so we just did the express un-heated class. I DEFINITELY prefer hot yoga but it was still a great experience and I'll be going back again for sure! 

Eating is probably my biggest obstacle - I try to eat as well as possible but sometimes it gets hard. I feel like when I study, I'm ALWAYS hungry. Plus, I usually look forward to meals because I don't make myself study during meal breaks so I want ALL the food. Haha - I'm in no danger of starving so I need to calm it down.

Homeade Apple Cinnamon Walnut oatmeal!

Salmon and Orzo from Trader Joe's

A treat after the exam! (I didn't eat all the PB cups in one sitting...over three days, don't worry!)

Nothing new to report for Wedding Wednesday - just continuing to work hard and hopefully be ready for dress shopping in a month or so!

Have you ever had foot issues while running?


  1. eating is my prob always! I work out like a champ but i just love food :)

  2. falling behind on your favorite shows because of school sucks...i'm 30 episodes behind on Ellen! And they're all DVR'd! Winter break is going to rock :] I do have foot problems when I run, but I think it's different than yours. Mine is soreness on the outside part of my foot and usually kicks in about half way through a workout. Not sure what it is...?

  3. Looks like you are kicking butt in school and in the workout area....Great job!!

  4. I know this sounds bad, but once I started med school I gave up on all the shows I followed. Now I catch breaking bad once in a blue moon on netflix; I heard it was good so decided to check it out. Movies are the way to go because there's less guilt! hhahahaa

  5. I don't watch much TV anymore; mostly Netflix and DVDs from the library for us! No cable/satellite so I have to wait on TWD to be at the library.

  6. Study snacks are hard! I struggle so much with it. I will eat an insane amount of Totino's pizza or McDonald's french fries during a study marathon. It is my number 1 obstacle towards weight loss!

  7. Falling behind on TV shows you love sucks. I'm so behind on NCIS it isn't even funny. I wish I had an answer to where you can watch your shows online but I don't. Keep up the great work with your fitness! And I'm sure you'll figure out the food part of it.