Calling all Health Professionals! {Dickies Scrub Review}

Monday, September 30, 2013

Over the summer I received the opportunity to check out the new line of Dickies Scrubs from a great online company called Uniformed Scrubs! (Disclaimer: I received this scrub top for free but all of the following comments are my honest opinions!) 

As you all know by now, I just started medical school two months ago but I previously worked as a Certified Nurse Assistant while I applied to school. Before that time, I had never bought scrubs so I wasn't really sure what brands would be comfortable or the best value. Needless to say, I have A LOT of less than stellar scrub sets. Finally, I bought a few Dickies nurse scrubs and I was really impressed with just how comfortable and well made they are - I could move around freely while still having the benefit of wearing a more feminine cut (I can't wear the unisex tops - my hips are too wide!)

Since I was already a Dickies scrub fan, when Uniformed Scrubs offered to let me try out their new line of scrub tops I was 100% in! The top they sent me is in the color "Wine" which I happened to already have in scrub bottoms! Even though they were two separate styles and collections, they match perfectly.

Currently, I'm in the anatomy lab three days a week for about 7-8 hours total so I NEED scrubs that are comfortable! This top is my favorite one to grab and throw on for a day in lab - it's soft, cut well for my curvy figure, and has a slight stretch! Plus, there are plenty of pockets which I'm sure will be super helpful for all you nurses & CNAs out there! 

After anatomy lab, I immediately wash my scrubs which means I've already washed this top a bunch of times and it still looks brand new (so do the scrub pants which I bought over a year ago!)

Overall, I'm really pleased with the quality and value of the Dickies brand - especially their new line of tops! Whether you are a student, nurse, physician, or other health care worker, you are guaranteed to look professional and well put together in Dickies scrubs. The colors are fun and not at all boring or muted. There is also a great selection of different styles and sizes for all body types! As a reference, this top is an XL but recently I moved down to a large top and large tall in bottoms.

The good news for you all - Uniformed Scrubs would like to give you all a discount - just use the coupon code "scrubfashion" for 15% off your next purchase! 

Go check out Uniformed Scrubs on their social media sites!


  1. I am a CNA now and working on my pre-nursing classes. I love Dickies scrubs. we wear these ugly green color but I swear by my Dickies scrubs.

  2. How I wish we can wear any scrubs we like in residency. We wear this ugly faded blue scrubs. :/