Weigh In Wednesday: August 21

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weigh IN Wednesday

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I'm back in action for this WIW but I've gotta keep it quick! Unlike when I was at home with seemingly no priorities and nothing to do, now the time just slips by like nothing. The worst part about school right now is my Monday and Tuesday class schedule - literally 8a-5p. I'm at school all day! *Ummm...why are you complaining, that's a full work day?"* Except I have to studying all night afterwards while actually being a normal human that eats and takes showers (and gets a workout in). By the time I make it home, eat, shower, etc. It's 7-7:30p and I only have a few hours to study because I am NOT ready to start giving up my sleep entirely (no more 8 hour nights here, though - waking up at 5-6am). I guess you could say I'm having some time management growing pains... Enough of the ranting. Hopefully I can play catch-up the next few days!

Today I weighed in at -1.2 pounds. A loss is a loss but my progress is slow moving. I think now that I'm getting adjusted to the demands of school, things will get better. I pretty much let myself snack and eat whatever this weekend (on top of going out with friends) and my workouts were pretty whimpy all last week.

I've started a trend of getting my workouts in as soon as I get home from classes - no sitting down, no waiting until after dinner, etc. This seems to be the best strategy for success. I tried going later in the night last week and I usually talked myself out of it or made it to the gym and half-assed the workout. 

Did I mention I HATE, HATE, HATE, the treadmill? Why do you suck so much? It's so boring and it's nothing like running outside. Now that I've identified some (safe) places in Indianapolis to run (and purchased some pepper spray) I can take my sidewalk slappers to the trails again! If I have to languish away on the dreadmill one more day, I'll just lose it.

Speaking of gyms, I ended up purchasing a gym membership pretty close to my house - mostly for the weekends since we have a gym on campus but its tiny and not that great (I go there on busy weekdays or just do a video at home). I'm going to test it out for a few months and see how I like it. They have a million fitness classes, an indoor track, tons of machines and cardio, etc. The best part is that everyone who joins gets to take advantage of free fitness assessments including a body composition analysis in the BodPod! I'm setting up my appointment as we speak since my self-administered Fit Test went by the way-side. 

As for workouts, I'm trying to stick to my 10K training guide while getting lots of crosstraining in between. I've definitely been slacking in that department but I have a 5K race next Saturday so hopefully that will pull me through!

Meal planning and exectution has NOT been that bad. I'm starting to get used to eating leftovers (if you ask my mom, I almost NEVER eat leftover...I'm a food waster) and I actually look forward to knowing what I already have ready to go. So far on Saturday or Sunday I do my grocery shopping and meal prep for the week. Last week I made pasta with bell peppers, carrots, and onion in tomato sauce with jalapeno chicken sausage (the no nitrates, gluten-free, semi-good for you kind) and had that for 4 dinners. This week I made honey roasted sweet potatoes and oven-roasted chicken breast. I actually ended up making a burrito bowl with chicken, beans, rice, salsa, fajita veggies, and a little plain greek yogurt - so GOOD! My meals haven't been the cleanest but I've been trying! 

For lunch I pack a salad or sandwich (I HATE deli meat but it's a little easier...), a greek yogurt with fruit/nuts, and veggies or fruit...depending what I'm in the mood for. I try to keep snacks on hand during the day like fruit and nut bars, veggies, pretzel chips, an apple etc. but I'm usually always hungry and ready for dinner after class. I also found these hummus and pretzel chip to-go packs at the student C-Store - I love it! I never eat all the hummus in one of those big containers from the store so this is the perfect amount! 

I joined a new Dietbet which just started on Monday so go join, too! For those who've never done it, you challenge yourself to lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days by putting a bet into the pot with others in your challenge. Whoever reaches their goals gets to split the pot. Getting paid to achieve your goals? I'll take it!

Lastly I just want to thank everyone for their patience with me. I haven't been a super involved and engaged blogger like I should be (and I haven't been taking any pictures of things!!!). I'll try to incorporate more time for blogging into my study breaks in the future. Stick with me! One thing I do a lot during the day is TWEET. So add me on Twitter and tweet me about your day!

Look who I got to talk to the other day!!!

How did your week go?
Do you meal plan?
What are your favorite healthy lunches and dinners?


  1. I'm pretty sure my weight is significantly up - stupid 6 weeks vacation. But I get back today, so hopefully I'll be seeing results soon. Eep. Great to hear you're making progress! Slow and steady. :)

    Also, I agree. The dreadmill is the worst.

  2. I guess I just wonder...what did you expect in terms of the schedule? It's med school!

  3. Heather Pretty Strong MedicineAugust 21, 2013 at 4:44 AM

    I get that haha I expected it to be the worst experience of my life but expecting and actually living it are two different animals. Aside from working the past year, I wasn't all that busy so my time management skills suffered a lot.

  4. You should try running on the Monon. You can run around Broad Ripple and Carmel. I like to start at 96th street and run to the Palladium and back. (6 miles). I always feel comfortable running on the Monon by myself. Especially early Saturday morning, there are a TON of people out. The Broad Ripple canal is also amazing! It has this crushed limestone surface, so it's really soft. I would never run on there alone though. Eagle Creek park is awesome, but it's $5 to get in. They have marked paths for 5k, 7k, 8k and 10k.

    If you ever need someone to run with, let me know! I'd be happy to!

  5. Getting back into a routine when studying is not the same as when working, like you say there is all the extra studying to do in the evening, and it's hard. But you'll get there because its the first week and you're already trying to establish it, which is more than I've ever managed in the first week, so well done!

  6. I'd take a weight gain in exchange for a 6 week vacation!

  7. Slow and steady wins the weight loss race! Now that you've added med school to the mix it'll be more difficult because of the hours or stress. Just keep doing something.

  8. And to think some people have gone through med school while taking care of a family! crazy huh.

  9. I hate the treadmill too!! Actually I hate an outdoor track also. The treadmill feels like a hamster wheel and an outdoor track feels like I'm walking/jogging in circles -oh wait, I am. I like having a destination. I like to keep the scenery new and fresh. I would prefer walking in a neighborhood, a park, or I even sometimes walk in our local cemetary. Just so I'm not forced to walk in circles. I get way too bored with that.... Congrats on the loss!

  10. Good luck with your Dietbet! Nothing better than getting PAID for reaching your goals!

    Glad to hear you're getting in your workouts right after class & sticking with meal prep! Everything is easier with planning and structure! You go girl!!


  11. my progress has been so slow lately too, drives me crazy. and i also hate the treadmill, such a drag!

  12. Ashley LoeffelholzAugust 21, 2013 at 9:36 AM

    -1.2 is a great loss! I agree that the treadmill sucks, but I found one way to make treadmill workouts a little easier to get through. I actually listen to books on tape if I have to run on the treadmill. That way,
    I focus more on the story than the dull monotony of the dreadmill. It may not be your thing, but it sure works for me!

  13. I can't do the treadmill to save my life!! I am slowly getting back into running and can do a very slow four miles outside now, but I literally can't stand five min on the treadmill!

  14. I feel you with treadmills. I get bored easily. I can't take it even for just 3miles. Outdoor on the roads/trails are more fun.

  15. Heather Pretty Strong MedicineAugust 25, 2013 at 4:44 PM

    I don't know what I'm going to do when it gets too cold to run outside!!!

  16. Heather Pretty Strong MedicineAugust 25, 2013 at 4:45 PM

    So true! Every minute creeps by on the treadmilll - I just LOVE being outdoors. So much better!

  17. Heather Pretty Strong MedicineAugust 25, 2013 at 6:56 PM

    Thanks, Ashley! I might be start listening to my school lectures when I run but I don't think that's going to make me feel any better about the treadmill. ugh.

  18. ugh. I had the 8am- 5pm EVERYDAY last semester. It sucked. SOOOOO MUCH. I feel for ya chica!