Friday Five Things & My First Giveaway!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm off for another adventure in Chicago with my sister-friends. It's my last weekend of fun plans before I move so I'm pretty darn excited! Make sure you check out my extra cool announcement below!

Five Workouts:

Workouts have been HOT this week. Let's face it, it's the middle of summer and Cincinnati is notorious for being muggy, sticky, and uncomfortable. This certainly isn't Texas with temps in the 100s but we are consistently in the 90s and the humidity makes it feel like I'm wearing an ugly Christmas sweater to workout. Whew! 

Monday: Boot Camp (45 min) 

Tuesday: 4 mile Run/Walk (50 min)
Wednesday: Hot Yoga (60 min) + Boot Camp (45 min)
Thursday: 4.5 mile Run/Walk (60 min)
Friday: TBD 

Five Thoughts:

1. Bug Bites
They just plain suck! I love being outside to run and workout but I don't love getting bit by everything. I bought some Bug Bands to wear but I keep forgetting to wear them. How do you all combat this buggy problem?

2. Sausage Fingers & A Red Face

Who else gets sausage fingers when they run? Mine swell up after about 5-10 minutes and won't go down until long after my workout. On top of that, I get big old red cheeks anytime I think of exercise & a lot of people don't. I wanted to find out why so here's a great little article that sums it all up. It's basically common sense now that I think about it - vasodilation from exercise = increased blood flow. The take away point I got from the article was a red face and swelling does NOT mean you are out of shape! It just means your regulatory reflex is more sensitive or reactive than others. Yay for homeostasis!

Darn red chubby cheekers!
3. Eating is Hit or Miss Lately
I tend to make pretty good choices until I let myself get too hungry - that's when I reach for something easy & quick. Like this morning I didn't eat breakfast at home because I have so many errands to run. I ended up stopping at Panera and getting a Mediterranean Egg White sandwich. Obviously not the worst choice but it's something I could make at home for fewer calories, less sodium, and less $. I need to break this habit! (It gets worse, I promise. Just an example.)

4. Birds (Caw Caw Caw)

My last semester of college I needed to take one last Biology lab & lecture to graduate so I chose Ornithology (birds) which included "awesome" field trips at 7 am throughout the semester. To be honest, I choose this class so I would only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday. It became a joke between my friends and I because I probably spent more time studying for that class than any of my other ones that semester. Plus it's just kind of weird. The surprising part? I actually enjoyed that class and have since grown to love birding.  Anyway I saw a Blue Heron on my run yesterday! So that's pretty cool. Another revelation? The dean of my med school is a huge birder as well as several other professors so that bird knowledge will come in handy!

5. Making Healthy Choices during Girl's Weekend

My goal is to break through the post-Advocare cleanse plateau and if I'm going to do that, I have to make smart choices this weekend. I'm so tired of gaining and losing the same three pounds from all my shenanigans the past two weeks. I work too hard to mess it up! How do you all deal with fun weekends with your girls? Suggestions? Low calorie alcoholic beverage ideas? 

And an extra special announcement:

One last thing! I'm participating in my FIRST giveaway! I never thought I would do one of these things but the opportunity presented itself and I thought it would be a great way to connect with new people! 

We're giving away a Sony Cybershot Camera. While I love my iPhone, the picture quality isn't always the best so I totally wish I could win this thing. All you wannable fashion bloggers, go check it out!

I've teamed up with a few fabulous ladies of some awesome blogs to host this giveaway!

Pretty Strong Medicine |Chatter Blossom | Lovely You | Coco in Magnolia | Perpetually CarolineRaising Reagan | Until Only Love Remains | At Home with the Hinkley's
 Just Mi! | The Accidental Military Wife | To be a Better You

The entries are simple...Bloglovin', Facebook and Twitter!
Be sure to read the Official Giveaway Rules.
Let's make some memories!!!
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  1. Erin @ She's a big starJuly 19, 2013 at 8:12 AM

    Great giveaway on a great blog! :) I'd love to capture more and more pictures of my kids... can never have enough!

  2. How does your hair look so cute while you're working out. My "bump" deflates big time into a giant sweaty rat's nest while I workout.

    I get the opposite of red cheeks, I get kind of pale. My body is shunting blood to my organs and is preparing itself for death. LOL

    Way to go on your workouts this week!


  3. I would die to win that camera as I'm a photographer wanna-be! :) I try to capture every memory in my life possible! And I do a ton of scrapbooking so it would be wonderful!

  4. Yes we definetly deal with lots of bugs here in the south. I despise them. I've started getting the Off! brand clip on bug repleant things. It's like a little mini fan that operates off of a batter that you clip to your waste. I clip one to me and one to the stoller when I take the little one out. They don't prevent every bug attack but it certainly helps.

  5. Heat in the summer, SUCKS the big one! You've been super active though, that's great!

  6. I was also wondering how your hair stays so cute when you workout, lol. My hair looks a hot mess. I look so gross after a workout, but I figure that means I'm working hard, lol. I take pictures of my almost 2 year old constantly!

  7. I've been snapping my kids at the beach and when we have our little getaway later on this week I want to capture as many family memories as I can get!

  8. I would love to capture everything my daughter does this summer. I just feel like she's growing up so fast and I don't want to miss a moment!

  9. I want to capture my son's first birthday! I cannot believe he is almost 1 :(

  10. I'm most excited to take photos of my sons first day of school

  11. Cheryl HeartnSoulmomJuly 24, 2013 at 3:19 PM

    Of my beautiful garden bounty. I have worked so hard on it this summer and there are some pretty awesome fruits and veggies to harvest.

  12. Angela@Honey I Shrunk the MomJuly 25, 2013 at 11:43 AM

    I need a new point and shoot. Mine died!