Beer Boozin' & an Indiana I Do

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's Wednesday and I'm just now getting around to talking about my fantastic weekend so it must have been good, right? RIGHT!

Any week with less work days is always a positive to me. For those counting, I only have 4 MORE DAYS of work left and then I get to start sleeping at night and praying I haven't completely messed up my metabolism.

On Friday, we had the Kenny Chesney concert which Nick and I went to with his parents (they are hip and cool like that) plus we didn't have to drive. I was totally expecting to run into more people that we knew throughout the night but that wasn't the case - just a few people Nick works with. Oh well. It was still a blast minus the rain. Seriously, what's with all the rain? Send some to the southwest, please!

As a side note, people are just disgusting. By the end of the night the women's restrooms were covered in an inch of water and the girls behind me in line were not wearing shoes. Are you serious? You aren't wearing shoes in a concert bathroom? I hope you've had your tetanus shot! 

After too much beer and a late night, we woke up super early to drive to Bloomington for my sorority sister's wedding.I was super disappointed that I ruined my 2+ weeks of no soda and no fast food when we got Burger King on the way...both of us needed something greasy to say the least. Then the real fun began! I don't know what the best part was: seeing my friends again, being back in Bloomington, or celebrating my first friend wedding. 

Up until now, all the weddings I've been to have been those of older family and friends, but no one my age. I guess we are starting to enter that stage of our lives and I couldn't be more excited!  

The wedding itself was beautiful. I'm a bawl bag so of course I cried during the ceremony. When I first saw the bride, tears welled up in my eyes.  She looked gorgeous with a radiant smile - I can't wait to experience that first hand one day!

After a full Catholic mass (I LOVE church weddings and I love mass. Maybe I should go more often then...), we headed over to the Indiana Memorial Union for the reception. The whole wedding was perfect and simple - nothing too over the top with the main focus on the couple and their love that started in Bloomington at college! I'm such a hopeless romantic...swoon! So reception pictures:

The best part was the after party! All of our friends met up at our favorite local spot - Nick's English Hut - and it was like returning home. I remembered all the football and basketball games I had watched over the years, my 22nd birthday playing Sink the Biz with friends & family, our last senior sorority dinner, and random nights filled with laughter and friends (plus some Biz fries). 

A little later into the night, the bride, groom, and whole wedding party showed up at Nick's (in their full wedding attire)! It was pure Hoosier perfection!

When I was finally forced to go back to the hotel for the night, I had the mother of all breakdowns which I totally knew was coming. Bloomington is such a sacred place for me and it's where I did A LOT of growing up. The day I stepped foot on the campus I was a shy, insecure 18 year old and in just 4 years I made a complete 180 (well, almost. I still have work to do). My life completely changed when I decided to attend IU and when I met my friends which is why I'm so crazy about that place. It's hard to explain but every time I come back to visit, I feel like I'm coming home. 

Unfortunately on Sunday morning everyone had to rush about in different directions to get back home and prepare for work. Emerging adulthood is rough :). Before we left for Cincy, Nick and I decided to make a quick stop to Assembly Hall. Lucky for us, there was a basketball camp going on so the buildings were all unlocked! 

So that was my bittersweet weekend of celebration. I was really happy I worked so hard during the cleanse - I really loved my dress and a lot of my clothes are starting to fit better! Still, this weekend also reminded me how far I still have to go in all my goals (standing next to beautiful, skinny girls will do that). Now is not the time to get complacent!


  1. I am the crier at weddings too. I bawled like a baby at my brother's wedding and he made fun of me as they walked back down the aisle at the end of the ceremony. Just can't help it! Love makes me sappy!

  2. I loved your dress and your top! So pretty. Looks like you had a wonderful time back "home."

  3. Heather Pretty Strong MedicineJuly 5, 2013 at 8:31 PM

    I definitely wasn't alone at the wedding - all my friends were teary-eyed! It's just such a beautiful day :)

  4. Heather Pretty Strong MedicineJuly 5, 2013 at 8:33 PM

    Thanks! I have a thing for lace (and black!).