Weigh In & Workout Wednesday: June 19

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pretty Strong Medicine

Welcome!  I can't believe it's already Wednesday again. Life is going by quickly these days...

As always, please go check my co-hosts out!  They rock my socks off!
I hope everyone had a better week than the last one.  It felt like many of us were stuck in a rut or having some trouble. 

One way I chose to deal with my rut was to start the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse.  You can read about why here. (No, I'm not being sponsored in any way...I just caved to peer pressure.)

So far, so good!  I'm actually not having that much trouble with "eating clean" (...so why is it so hard all the other days of the year?). I'll definitely have an update for you later today or tomorrow! 

Just woke up! So I stayed the same AGAIN this week. I guess I got a little overzealous over the weekend pre-cleanse. A quesadilla was eaten, several boneless wings, and probably 50 other things. Aside from taking the dog for a 20 minutes walk, I don't think I engaged in much physical activity. I was actually up on Monday when I started the cleanse. I'm not sharing exact results until it's all over but the scale is moving!  I don't want to jinx it!  Look for an update tomorrow morning!

The workout portion of this post is less promising. Summer heat has finally hit us here in Cincinnati!  Last night at boot camp, it was just kind of miserable.  It wasn't really that hot but it was muggy.  When you're sweating and the moisture is basically being enveloped on your skin, the cooling mechanisms just don't work. Instead of being tired from pushing myself, I felt grumpy and sticky.  I definitely could've worked harder.

Excuse time. Because of the nature of my work schedule, the only time I can workout is in the afternoon. (aka the hottest part of the day) So i haven't been running in a little over a week.  Not good for someone that has all these races coming up... I either need to suck it up and run in the morning when I get off before I sleep or suck it up and run in the heat. I sure wish I still had my gym membership but I decided to try the power yoga studio instead of purchasing a summer pass. Not a bad decision...but probably not the best value for my paltry salary.
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