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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Monday Mingling


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Another chill weekend.  Nothing exciting to report. I honestly love weekends where I have nothing special planned - especially after long weeks. 

I kinda feel like I'm letting life pass me by right now. I'm waiting for work to be over, to start school, and to have more free time time to sleep. I'm like a half version of myself. I'm cranky and irritable and I'm losing sight of the fact that I only have two months left in my hometown. Such a crappy feeling but it's about to get better...

On a more exciting note, this weekend is going to be EPIC. Friday night we have the Kenny Chesney concert which everyone and their grandma is going to. It will be Uh-maz-ing! 

Then on Saturday, I get to go "home." 


AKA Bloomington, IN. My roommate/sorority sister is getting married so I will be reunited with my best friends and I get to celebrate in my favorite little corner of the world. Could it get any better? Other than letting me start college in the fall as a freshman and live it all over again, no!

Part of the reason I decided to start the Advocare cleanse was in preparation for the wedding. I'm scheduled to end on Wednesday but I'll probably keep going until Friday night and then take two days off for the celebrations. 

I was really worried about how this weekend would go while cleansing. Nick and I both live at home right now so I usually head to his parent's house for the weekend. We are on our own for meals a lot of the time since he and I or his parents are usually out and about.  This usually results in us eating out a lot.   

I'm just gonna say it...I cheated a little this weekend.  I still did my best to make good choices and stay within the guidelines about 75% of the time. I'm not too upset about it considering all the temptations that I was up against but I am interested to see how the scale responds tomorrow morning. 
Shrimp lettuce wraps
We tried a new restaurant this weekend called Yard House. First of all, the menu was huge with so many yummy options and over 160 beers on tap. Talk about unfair!  That's my biggest accomplishment of the weekend - I didn't drink at all even though Nick joked about how boring I was.  Oh well, it's one weekend! :) That's pretty pathetic isn't it? 

On Saturday afternoon, we decided to check out Findlay Market which is a huge farmer's market in Cincinnati. It was my first time visiting and I wish I would've taken more pictures!  We ended up getting some delicious gelato - mine here is a vegan mango rum sorbetto which tasted like heaven! ('s fruit, right?) It reminded me of the three weeks I spent in Germany between my senior year of HS and freshman year of college.  I think we ate gelato every single day. YUM - so much better than regular ice cream.

I was just asking for trouble with temptation. For dinner we ate at The Wine Guy which is an awesome restaurant at The Banks project right on the Ohio River. They have a HUGE selection of wines and I didn't get to try any of them. Seriously, what was I thinking doing this to myself?  
To make matters worse, we had a waiter that thought he was a lot funnier than he really was. After I told him I was just having water he proceeded to keep pressuring me to order a drink (I mean really...). It was funny the first time but after that I was starting to getting really annoyed and frustrated.  I said "no," now get the eff away from me (and lose the gold chain!). Thank god I didn't say I was doing a cleanse or he probably would've shoved bread pudding down my throat. Strange dude.

Look at all the pretties!
The rest of the weekend was spent watching crappy TV, taking the dog for walks in 90 degree weather, and avoiding any sense of productive behavior. Now as I hit the home stretch of this cleanse, I'm gonna buckle down and kill it! Next weekend is going to be the perfect motivation! 

Here's my pretty city. I'll miss it!

How was your weekend? 
How do you avoid or minimize weekend temptations?
Do you like the new comment system (Disqus)? I'm not sure yet.

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