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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I found the idea for this post on Ash Ann Pow who I found on the last Medical Monday.  What a cute blog!

I think it's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day negativity that surrounds us. There are so many jaded, unhappy people who usually unintentionally want to stomp all over your good mood.  I made this list to have something to look at when I have those kind of days. I hope you enjoy and please say some of your own "I believes..."

I believe that reading a good book can bring peace to your mind.
I believe you can never have enough iced tea with lemon.
I believe laughter can heal any hurt.
I believe in cherishing your friends and family.
My mom, my grandpa, and I
I believe it’s ok not to have all the answers but to keep trying anyway.
I believe someone needs to invent calorie-free ice cream.
I believe in owning far too many nail polishes and makeup supplies.
I believe one day I will fit into my skinny jeans from high school.
I believe in wearing yoga pants or norts 75% of the time.
I believe I will never wear a pant suit for an interview.
I believe in keeping things simple.
I believe that it’s more important to have a few best friends than a million acquaintances.
I believe you should never stop learning.
I believe in traveling the world & experiencing new cultures.
I believe in seeking the best in people even when they may not see it themselves.
I believe it's ok to go out with your friends and drink a little too much.
I believe in the power of a good curling iron and a teasing comb.
I believe pearls and diamonds will never stop being classics.
I believe that I need to keep my body strong and continue to challenge it.
I believe in buy bridal magazines even though I’m not engaged.
I believe your best friend is the one you should spend forever with.

I believe that everyone is beautiful.
I believe that healthcare and education are the two most important issues in our country.
I believe in enjoying a strong margarita & cheap beer equally.
I believe I can get better each day.
I believe in strong women.

I believe in being a girly girl but also knowing when to get dirty & sweat.
I believe in lifting heavy and challenging myself daily.
I believe in God who strengthens me.
I believe a smile is the most beautiful thing a person can wear.
I believe in medicine and the power of healing.
I believe in glitter.
I believe in the Indiana Hoosiers.
I believe in making awkward faces 90% of the time.
I believe I could live exclusively on bread, cheese, and fruit.
I believe I need to work on being more patient.
I believe peanut butter is the food of the gods.
I believe that I will never enjoy sleeping under my comforter and sheets 
I believe that I should be a few inches taller because my feet are so big!
I believe that forgiveness is not easy but necessary.
I believe in working hard and staying humble.
I believe that pink will always be my favorite color.
I believe the best years of my life are still to come.
I believe the best years of my life so far were spent at IU with my best friends.
I believe that I should've been born in the South.
I believe thunderstorms and cuddling are two of my favorite things.
I believe that online shopping is my biggest addiction.
I believe that I'm becoming a runner.
I believe that I will never be a coffee drinker.
I believe in pretending to be creative even when it doesn't turn out the way you want.
I believe that I am so glad I started blogging and connecting with all of you!

Guest Blogging: I want to let you all know that I'm open for guest posting if any of you are interested!  Anything you want - especially fitness/health related or medicine related. Your ideas are welcome! 

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