Weigh In Wednesday #1 / Workout Wednesday

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Wednesday (well Thursday...my internet was down last night)!  I'm trying out this link up business from some great ladies that I follow and have been reading for a while.  



My year off from school has been a constant cycle of losing and gaining the same 5 lbs (I checked myfitnesspal...it really is true!)  I would get motivated, then have a bad weekend and end up losing that motivation.  I guess the silver lining is that my weight has pretty much been the same since my 22nd birthday (I turned 23 in January). Speaking of birthdays - since my 21st birthday, I have gained a total of 41 lbs.  It’s truly appaling and eye-opening. I don't have definite numbers from my 20th to my 21st birthday but I'd say about a 10 lb gain.  (I plan on doing another post about how and why I got here - and where I came from)

20th Birthday

21st Birthday
22nd Birthday

I think we all know where that weight came from...too many $2 Tuesdays, wine nights, sporting events, and late night snacks. Sure, I had an amazing amount of fun (at the greatest college in the world) but getting all this excess weight off plus about 30 lbs more isn’t going to be a cake walk.  All you have to do is look at my face to see how wide and fat my cheeks to know I feel and look rotten.
Go Hoosiers!
Now for the GOOD news.  I am officially down 8 lbs from my highest weight. That’s the kind of motivation I need to keep going!  

It’s not all about weight though - I can already feel myself getting stronger.  I have more endurance when I run and I am able to push myself a little bit more each time I workout.  I’m actually starting to look forward to my workouts!  Back in high school when I was somewhat more in shape, I rarely looked forward to going to the gym or conditioning for cheer. I definitely NEVER EVER thought I would enjoy running!  There’s something calming about it - I can jam out to some music and just go.  I don’t need to worry about staying in my bubble like in a Zumba class or be on anyone else’s time or fitness level.  Maybe after a few 5k’s it will be time to start thinking about 10Ks and then a half marathon!  

My 5k is in 3 weeks and 2 days! AHHHHHH
Ready for Boot Camp
The next few weeks are all about running - week 4 of c25k this week.  I have to catch up so I think I’m just gonna skip to week 5 in my next two workouts.  I'm walking the fine line of pushing myself (because I can probably run more than I am) but also wanting to avoid shin splints like the last time I tried to run and trying to be nice to this wiggly/poppy right knee.  

On Monday, boot camp was an “obstacle course” along with two rounds of circuits with cardio and strength.  Tonight we ran down and up a big ole hill and did strength moves in between.  I've been wearing my heart rate monitor and our workouts usually average between 400-700 calories burned.  For 45 minutes of hard work, I'll take it! 

Obstacle Course - Tires, Running with Sand Bags, Partner Tire Flipping, and more Running
My new kicks (on bottom) for cross training 
My momma and I - brave wearing no makeup!
Tomorrow I have my first ever hot vinyasa yoga class in the morning!  I’m super nervous!  Finally, I decided to do the squat challenge that has been going around on instagram.  Day 3 = 75 squats.  



  1. Great job on the loss!!!! I freaking LOVE a good bootcamp!

  2. Thanks Megan! I admit, I freaked out a bit when I realized Skinny Meg commented on my blog post