Weekend Update #2

Monday, May 27, 2013

The weeks are starting to get shorter and shorter now that I have a pretty consistent schedule in place.  I can’t decide if I want time to speed up or slow down...

Saturday night, Nick and I went to the Tim McGraw concert! Love & Theft and Brantley Gilbert (with a surprise appearance from Justin Moore) also performed. Everyone sounded awesome and it was just a really chill concert.  Is it just me or does Tim McGraw keep getting better with age?  

Have you noticed that I don't take very many full body shots?  Just faces...that's all that matters right now :P

I think the best part about the concert besides the obvious stuff is the people watching.  I felt like I was in a people zoo just absorbing all the interesting fashions and behaviors...

On the whole, our eating left something to be desired as usual.  (plus the copious amounts of cheap beer - piss water as my friend calls it - and the fried pickles that shred the roof of my mouth.)  It could have been worse, but I'm still going to have to work extra hard Monday and Tuesday to make up for all that drinking...

Speaking of which, I'm going on an adult beverage hiatus for a couple weeks.  Even though Saturday is really the only time I even get the opportunity, I'm sure it isn't helping my weight loss goals very much.  Plus, we have weddings and more concerts and a trip to Atlanta to worry about...in the mean time, I have to continue taking the clean eating seriously.

So other than the concert, nothing else happened this weekend.  I had a super productive weekend in the cleaning department - cleaned the kitchen, did tons of laundry including my sheets, cleaned the bathroom, and picked up.  It feels good to keep things nice and neat.  For a while, my mom and I were living in a Hoarders-esque nightmare...no, not really.  But it felt like it.  If your environment is a reflection of what's going on inside your mind then we were pretty nuts.

I'm finally running my 5K this coming Saturday!  Nick and I were supposed to run together but he hurt his ankle last weekend.  This is probably a good thing for me - I can set my own pace, run as much as I want, walk when I need to, etc.  At the same time, I'm pretty nervous because I've never done this before.  I always told myself I couldn't make it or I couldn't run.  Well guess what?  I'm going to do it!  I'm hoping to get under 40 minutes.  Not a lofty goal by any means but I haven't been very diligent with my training.

This is also my last week babysitting on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  I'm going to miss my kids but I'm so happy to be done.  It's amazing how 10-12 hours a week can eat up so much of my time.  I'll be glad when I have more time for sleep and relaxing...or working out.  That's cool too.

We might be a little crazy!
Happy Memorial Day!


  1. I've been saying the same thing about Tim McGraw... he's definitely like a fine wine! And the music he's putting out lately is as good as anything he's ever done!

    1. I totally agree! He makes growing old look good :)

  2. Just found your blog! Congrats on the 5K! I just ran my first 10K a few weeks ago, what a rush! Best of luck and kick butt!

    PS, I have followed your blog and look forward to reading your story! Battle on!

    1. Hey girl! I'm so glad you stopped by!

      Thanks for following and congrats on your 10K! I want to get there eventually...one race at a time!