Weekend Update #1

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another weekend has come and gone...way too fast, as usual!  After a few pretty laid back weekends, I’m happy to report the next three months are going to be filled with tons of excitement and things to look forward to.  As I’ve expressed about a million and one times, I’m super burnt out on my work schedule so I NEED these fun times to get through my long weeks.

As usual, I drove to Nick’s house after work Saturday morning and took a quick nap.  I am so thankful that Nick’s parents like me enough to let me crash there most weekends :). (Yes we both still live at home...give me a break, it’s only been a year since we graduated! Plus he's saving money for an ornate sparkling object).

After I caught up on sleep, we got a quick bite to eat at City BBQ.  I felt bad for Nicky because he hurt his ankle (for the umpteenth time) the night before so I offered to drive his new car :P I’m all about sacrifices.

Lunch led to a quick trip to the grocery to pick up some healthy options for Nick’s lunch at work.  I introduced him to greek yogurt and I think he likes it!  After I started eating it, I could never go back to the regular stuff.  After shopping, it was time to relax until it was time to head downtown.  I hung out with this guy, Harley!

Now for the real fun!  As a family Christmas present, my aunt signed my mom, my grandma, and myself up for a painting class at Cheers to Art which basically combines two of my favorite pass times - crafting and drinking. We liked it so much that I decided to sign Nick and I up for a “Guy’s Night” where the guys get to paint for FREE.  Who doesn’t like free?  

Before our attempt at being crafty, we decided to check out a new restaurant everyone and their grandma have been talking about lately - Senate. Check them out: here.  First, let me just say that Over-the-Rhein in Cincinnati has made a dramatic transformation since the last time I was down there.  Without getting into too much detail, it’s typically considered a pretty rough area and not somewhere we would have ever gone before last night.  Now there are tons of cute shops, restaurants, bars, and more now and it has really cleaned up!  So wonderful for the city...I hope it is just as great for those in the neighborhood.

So the Senate.  Holy moly!  First of all, the place has an amazing atmosphere.  The hosts and bartenders are fabulous and super friendly.  While the space isn’t huge - definitely a tight squeeze - the exposed brick walls and ample bar space give the place a unique charm.  It’s considered a gastropub so most of the beers are microbrews and some are even brewed here in Cincy!  

Now for the food.  I can’t say it enough - we WILL be going back.  I don’t really consider myself a “foodie” or someone who is super adventurous. I’m actually pretty picky but I do appreciate good quality food (and drinks for that matter).  I’m not a big fan of places like Applebees - I’d rather hit up a hole in the wall that specializes in just a few things but does it really, really well.  Senate is that place!  They are best known for their gourmet hot dogs.  

So the cocktail is a Kitten Fizz (st germain, tito's handmade vodka, simple syrup, raspberries & soda.) Very refreshing and tasty!  The hot dog at the top is what I got - the Lindsey Lohan.  It had arugula, caramelized onions, bacon, balsamic vinegar, goat cheese, and an all-beef hot dog.  Nick had the hot dog of the day - a Jay Leno.  I'm not quite sure what all was on it but it was pretty darn tasty.  We shared an order of truffle fries which were also delicious. Finally, the best part was dessert!  Nick and I have an inside joke about bread pudding and he's never actually had it so the chocolate & bourbon bread pudding was a natural choice.  Words can't even describe the decadence. 

We had some time to kill before Cheers to Art so we walked around the area and checked out Taste of Belgium for a quick drink.  Both of us tried different Belgian beers, no clue what they were called.  Mine was similar to Stella and his was similar to Summer Shandy.  We will definitely have to check that place out again for dinner or brunch.

Crafting time! We walked down to the studio and got set-up with smocks and our paints. We were painting "Beer Taps" which is perfect for us!  Too bad neither one of us is very artistic! 

The instructor guides you through every step and keeps it very lighthearted and fun.  People dance, chat, and have a good time while music plays.  It's more about the process than the outcome.

 Overall, I think it was a lot of fun!  It wasn't a typical date for us and I would totally do it again but I'm running out of wall space!  

My finished product
Nick's painting
Neither one of us is going to win any painting awards, to say the least!  That was my weekend.  Sunday is always completely useless.  I try to catch up on sleep, watch too many movies or TV, and plan for the week ahead.

Speaking of the week ahead, I'm going to hit the clean eating HARD for the next few months.  With the exception of our planned trips, I'm committing to eating clean and laying off the liquid calories.  Tomorrow will probably be a grocery store haul/eating makeover post.  After this weekend, I'm in severe need of a diet detox.


  1. Haha I'm pretty sure your painting is way better than anything I could do! Visual arts are not my strong point, to say the least.

    Good luck with eating clean! The first few days are always the toughest I find.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! You should see some of the other paintings...wayyy better! My taps looks like they have little hats on them.

      Gah I hope eating clean gets easier! So much planning involved!