Nick's Birthday Shenanigans

Monday, May 6, 2013

Welp...the weekend is over and it’s back to reality!  It’s pretty clear by now that weekends turn me into the fat girl I try to avoid being during the week.  I definitely think cheat meals are important for realistic lifestyle changes but I really took advantage of that mentality this weekend!

With our less than desirable work schedules, Nick and I only get to see each other on Saturday and half of Sunday so any time we have together is precious.  Saturday was Nick’s 23rd birthday so I knew that was going to be a cheat usual. (BTW...didn’t end up getting that run in after all - someone didn’t want to go running on their birthday!)

Since Nick isn’t a big sweets guy and he HATES cake (seriously...who hates cake?), I decided to get crafty via Pinterest and constructed this beauty:
Miller Lite goodness!
He absolutely loved it!  Good work Pinterest!  I also bought us Tim Mcgraw tickets for May 25th here in Cincinnati so that will be another fun thing to look forward to this summer.  We also have tickets for Kenny Chesney in June.  Last summer we went to Tim/Kenny when they were touring together and it was probably the most fun I’ve ever had!  

So after Nick got his presents, we went to lunch with his parents at Eli’s BBQ.  It was such a neat place!  You can bring your own cooler of adult beverages and find a seat at one of many picnic tables.  The food was outstanding!  I had the smoked turkey with mashed potatoes (the closest option to vegetables were baked beans!) and Nick had pulled pork which was equally outstanding.  
I think he had a good time!
The weather was perfect Saturday - about 72 degrees, sunny, a slight breeze - perfect sundress weather!  We stopped at a gastropub on the way home for another drink and just sat along the Ohio River enjoying the day.  
Later that night, we decided to check out the new Horseshoe Casino that was just opened downtown.  We tried Bobby Flay’s new restaurant which didn’t end up being the best food...kind of diner-ish trying to be upscale.  

The casino itself was really nice!  Thankfully in Ohio casinos, bars, and restaurants are all non-smoking.  As for gambling, we decided we aren’t fans.  After I lost $20 in like 5 minutes, I decided I was done.  I’d much rather take my $20 shopping or save it up for something I really enjoy instead of wasting it.  Nick ended up leaving with $40 extra dollars though but he definitely doesn’t like wasting money either.

After we were done throwing money away, we headed out to Newport on the Levee which is where things got dicey. Three words: five dollar margaritas.  
Strawberry Margs...yummy!

At one point Nick goes, “It’s our cheat day, right? It’s my birthday, right? I’m getting chicken nachos.”  And so we did.

So not the best weekend food-wise but it was fun.  Sunday was a recovery day so I may or may not have gotten Sonic for breakfast...

I’ve resigned myself to that fact that weekends are going to be hard!  Lack of sleep, wanting to celebrate a long week, and also wanting to be a lazy blob.  If anyone has tips or idea for weekend motivation, I am all ears!

For now, I’m staying positive and starting Monday out right with some running and boot camp later this evening! 

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