90 Days Left...

Monday, May 13, 2013

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Over the weekend, this little gem popped up on my phone screen:
90 days left!
And then in our class Facebook group, someone posted a countdown.  90 Days until my white coat ceremony.  That means 91 days until I start my first day of medical school. 
After a year living at home, I am in the final stretch!  What a bittersweet feeling. 
Three months to enjoy unlimited Netflix and quality "Heather time" doing pretty much whatever I want.  Three months to enjoy all that Cincinnati has to offer - the food, the sports, the shopping, the fun events, and of course, my family and friends.
I can’t decide whether I am happy or sad and whether I want the time to fly by or stand still.  
I think the best that I can do is take it all one day at a time, relishing each great moment while reflecting and anticipating the next moment when things are getting rough here. 
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